The Secret About Successful Interior Designers


Why are some people super successful and some aren't?  

Successful people reflect what their clients know about themselves.

Successful interior designers tell their clients story.

You relate to me because I share the truth and it rings true for you. 

I give it to you straight. I'm not about to sugar coat anything because then it's just a bunch of sweet shit that doesn't get to further down the road. We don't need any more sugar in this world. We need real valuable connections and truth. That comes from sharing your message. 

I'm never going to talk to you about attracting "affluent clients" as a strategy. I don't think that's the point of being a designer. 

Yes, you want to work with people who can afford you, but when you're only looking at their wallet, you're not attracting the dream client your heart wants to work with. 

Think about who you want to work with. Maybe they have a fat wallet. Maybe they don't. But if you only think about the size of that person's wallet, you won't ever work with the people you're meant to work with because you're focused on something that is really just one slice of the picture.

This isn't about your skills, your credentials, your talent or your experience. 

Success for any business person comes down to the most important thing you need to put out there in the world. 

Your message filled with emotions that connect with your dream client. 

This is way more important than most of your monotonous marketing activities.

Figure out what they want so that you can motivate them to follow through and hire you.

Dig deep into their story. Dig deep into your story. Figure out where they meet and sell that story of transformation. The story they tell themselves and how you can get them there. 

Once you figure out the story they tell themselves and you share your story that's when you can kill it. You'll be able to have the words on your website that connects deeply with your perfect clients. You'll be able to grow a client base. You'll be able to have a waiting list of clients. You'll be able to market easily.

All because you know truly what your client wants and they will recognize that instantly.