How You Can Be A Successful Interior Designer

I bet everyone reading this wants to be a successful interior designer. But, If you're struggling to grow your interior design business it could be because you're having an issue with one of these items.

Continue reading and see how working on the following things can turn your business (and life) around.


You don't know who you want to serve or how to do it. You want to create a business that makes you money, but one that more importantly makes your clients feel blessed to have found you.

If you're not sure where you want to go with your business you can't wait for some magical fairy to make it clear for you. Just doesn't happen.


As interior designers, we often doubt our creativity because we haven't been featured in a decor magazine. We haven't been hired by some celebrity and we haven't been tapped to host our own show. We just feel that without outside validation that what we're doing is less than.


We know we can design anything. We're bad ass in all ways when it comes to digging deep and having a breakthrough where our creative soul is on fire. But then we wonder if we will know how to do everything else that comes to building the design empire of our dreams.


We waiver on doing the things that we know we need to do. Someday isn't a plan. We never fully commit, financially or mentally to those tasks that we know would improve our business because there's always something that we feel is just around the corner.


We know there are certain things that we should be doing, but we feel resistance. It doesn't feel natural and sometimes it's out of our wheelhouse so we just don't do anything consistently. We may get results or usually, we don't because we tried it for a week and nothing happened.


We don't feel that there is anyone in this world who knows what we're going through and we aren't supported by people who see our vision for the life that could be, but instead choose to hold on to what has been.


You don't invest in asking for help. You cannot get where you want to go by living in a cave. You must ask for help. You must seek a mentor that can guide you with specifics that keep you from achieving success and show you how to move past the things that are keeping you stuck in that cul-de-sac of inertia.


We don't have the balls. We are afraid to be too much of ourselves. Being ourselves could turn some people off, so we choose to only show a portion of ourselves to the world.

A Successful Interior Designer Is Inside You

None of these points have a damn thing to do with how smart you are. They have to do with finding your purpose and deciding that NOW is your time. 

You can't count on 5 years from now. You need to work in the now. You need to decide to achieve. You need to let go of those things that do not serve you.

You deserve to have the best year ever. And it won't come by chance.

Choose today that you will be a successful interior designer. Success is a choice.