Start an Interior Design Business, From Scratch


When you want to start an interior design business from scratch you need to focus on the important business basics first. Your logo, your name, your brand colors and the other "fun stuff" isn't as important as why you're in business. You're in business to solve a problem. You clients have a problem and you need to know how you will solve their problem.

This isn't about the certifications, the associations or any of that.

Business comes down to problems and solutions.

Start an Interior Design Business Step #1

Figure out what problem you solve and then step into your client's shoes by understanding their emotions behind why they need to hire you.

Start an Interior Design Business Step #2

Create a design service that solves your client's problem. If you can't figure out a specific solution to their problem, you won't be able to communicate with them that you've got the solution.

Start an Interior Design Business Step #3

Create your website and share it on social media. Your website is one of the biggest assets you have. It's very important that you make sure that everything on your website has a purpose. And that you can guide your prospects around it in a way that makes sense.

Start an Interior Design Business Step #4

Communicate your value. You'll do this with blog posts, social media, sharing and giving value over and over again for no dollars. I know, it sounds wrong, but you gotta give to build trust. Write helpful blog posts (that no one else is writing, write as you would talk and not as a designing robot).

Start an Interior Design Business Step #5

Sell yourself. While we all have dreams of rubbing velvet swatches and ogling gorgeous chandeliers, you do need to sell yourself. Invest some time in learning how to do this, because if you're waiting for someone to pimp you, you'll be waiting for a long time.

You can do it.