Slow Holiday Sales? Here's What To Do

slow-interior-design (1).png

Is your interior design business slow? Know why? It's Fall!

Yay! Let's all go to the Starbucks and get ourselves drunk on Pumpkin Spice Lattes!

Oh, you can't afford to go to Starbucks because your interior design business is slow. Gotcha.

But that doesn't mean you have to sit and take it

When sales are trickling in like coffee out of a clogged spout you have to find where you've got gunk in the line. And I will bet you have got some gunk in your line.

Fall should be the perfect time to get some projects into your design business. You know why? All of those crazy effing relatives come crawling out of the woodwork. They come donning their bad sweaters and stories everyone has heard enough time you could tell them the story.

If I was your dream client, you know what design service would turn me on? Something to help me take my family's breath away and render them speechless as they look at my beautiful home. Yes, that is a service I would buy.

Here's 1 Thing You Can Do Today

  1. Come up with a One-Day Design Buddy service. You and your local client can spend the entire day together and you'll be their decorating buddy. You'll spend the entire day together fixing up one room of their home and have it looking magazine ready for their next get together.

Now is the perfect time to get those holiday design projects

You have to remind clients that they need to start on these projects now because a) they want to be able to have enough time so they don't have to resort to drinking (or a meth addiction) and b) you're going to be booked up and you would hate to miss out on working with them.

Your homework?

  1. Create one package for the holidays.

  2. Create a fun graphic for it.

  3. Write up a sales page for it and email it out to your contacts.

  4. Share it all over social media.