16 Signs You’re A Holistic Designer

signs you're a holistic designer

Let's face it. There are lots of interior designers in the world. Some design spaces from the perspective of just getting the job done. Some design spaces acting as a data entry person for the client. And then some designers know that the work they are doing is so much more than just creating a beautiful aesthetic.

Our community is so much more interested in how the space feels and supports our clients when the project wraps.

With that being said here are the 16 signs that you're a holistic designer (and maybe didn't even know it).

  1. You know deep down that you're meant to help shift the energy in your client's life through design work.

  2. The path to becoming a holistic designer has not been an easy one whether it's because your Inner Circle hasn't supported you or that it seems at every turn there's a roadblock yet you know this is the work you need to be doing.

  3. You're drawn to the healing elements that can be found in nature and use your position as a holistic designer to incorporate into your design work because you know what healing it can bring to your clients.

  4. You are more sensitive than your average bear. You can sense and feel things that a lot of others can't because you're more in tune, but it also makes it harder for you to connect easily with your ideal client because of that.

  5. You have the uncanny ability to see the finished space in your mind's eye, and you know exactly how you're going to pull it all together before you even start on the project.

  6. You're an introvert and struggle to find connection or even patience to deal with the bullshit you see on a day-to-day basis and only wish that everyone could understand that there's so much more to it all.

  7. You feel like you don't belong inside the design industry because it seems to you that a lot of interior design as lacking soul and purpose and when you try to communicate that with others in the industry they look at you like you've got two heads.

  8. You can quickly feel drained after you've spent too much time around people - sometimes you wish that people would save the drama for their momma.

  9. Sometimes you find yourself working with contractors, painters and other tradespeople not because they are necessarily the best at what they do, but you feel drawn to them.

  10. You feel like you're more of a therapist than a designer because you tend to attract clients that are like wounded birds that can sense that you will perfectly understand what they need in their home and you can provide it to them.

  11. When you walk into a home, you can sense the energy in the house and from the people that live there.

  12. You're a natural giver, and you want to help people in any way possible which can sometimes leave you with little resources to help yourself.

  13. You easily can find alternative solutions to design problems that seem impossible.

  14. Social media drains you because of how mean and at times, vapid it can be.

  15. You're the person that clients and even strangers at the grocery store tell secrets to. Sometimes you hear the “I can't believe I'm telling you this I barely know you but I feel like it’s okay to tell you!” bit.

  16. You're a quiet person who prefers to live in your head more than in this world.

So this leaves us at times letting the world tell us that what we do is not essential or letting the fear get the best of us so that we can't make a difference.

However, knowing that you are a holistic designer, it is essential that you do the work that you're meant to do.  But you might not be expressing to the world who you truly are because quite frankly you're afraid that people heard you talk like this they might think you're a complete and utter loon.

And that's where I want you to step back for a moment and realize that what others think of you is none of your business and that we all need to stand up and proudly announce that we are here as healers concerning the work we do through Interiors.

My wish is that you wouldn't be so hard on yourself,  take time to sit in meditation and prayer or even journal the thoughts that you have every day so you can free yourself from the constraints that bind you now from showing up entirely.

Once you release the fears and worries of showing up in the world with all of your excellent qualities, you'll have the room to grow limitlessly into your role as a holistic designer. 

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.