Why SEO Doesn't Work For You (Hint: It's You)


Before I even give you the SEO tips for interior designers that actually work, we need to talk.

Using keywords to boost your interior design website SEO isn't something that you just wing.

Like did you try it for a hot minute? It's not like you can just "try" SEO.

The most common comment I've heard about interior designers using SEO on their websites is that they didn't see ROI on it. It didn't bring them clients.

It's because they are doing it wrong. And it doesn't happen overnight.

Here's SEO Tips for Interior Designers That Really Work

1. Do your research first

It won't work for you if you don't know what your objectives are. Are you a home stager? Then start researching what people are Googling for. They don't necessarily want to know how to stage a home. They want to know how to make a bunch of money off the sale of their property. Get your clients needs in the forefront of your mind when you research.

2. What's your focus?

If you're a home stager, your focus isn't nurseries. What are you an expert on? What could you write about forever and never get bored? Take 20 minutes and brainstorm topics related to your business that you write about. Then narrow it to 10 and stick to those. Then break down the topics even more.

3. Link That Shit up

Link to the other pages and posts on your website that relate to what you're writing about. Writing about staging a home? Link that up to your service page. Writing about the best paint colors that will make your home sell faster? Link to another post on you wrote about the absolute worst paint colors for a home.

4. Permalink It Pretty

Don't have ugly permalinks that don't do anything for you. These permalinks are apart of your SEO strategy, yo.

http://yoursite.com/?p=9274 <-- So no bueno

5. Load It Faster, Pussycat

If your site loads slower than molasses, fix that right now. Ain't nobody got time for a slow website to load. They'll be on to the next site. Hopefully it's not your "competition". Check your site speed here and get suggestions on how to fix it.

6. Update It Frequently

Yep, it's called blogging. Designers love to resist blogging but when it can reap such big ass rewards for your business I don't know why you want to resist it. 

7. Be My Guest

Guest blogging is awesome for boosting your SEO. It's called backlinks. 

8. Don't Change Your Domain Name Like Your Panties

The age of your domain is muy importante. If you continue to switch your domain name and get a new one every year you're screwing yourself. I know, because I've been guilty of this. The older your website, the better ranking.

9. Get Local Clients With Your Website

If you're an interior designer in Los Angeles, make sure you're putting that on your website.

10. Designer, Decorator, Tomayto, Tomahto

I know you're proud of your title - whichever it is. But let's be frank. Your clients don't give a shit about your title and rarely know the difference. Use the long tail keyword "los angeles interior designer" and "los angeles interior decorator". People are searching for both and like I said, they don't know the diff so why not increase your odds?

11. Name Your Images With Your Keyword

Your images on your website need to also be named the same as the keyword you're optimizing for on your page or post.

123_845ksw.jpg <-- So no bueno

12. Oh the humanity!

You have to write for humans. Your page/post should be optimized for your keyword but that doesn't mean your title has to follow that rule, too.

How To Make 1000% More On The Sale Of Your Home <-- Bueno

13. Use Your Headers

You know those H2, H3, H4 etc. things... use those with your keyword to organize your content.

Those 13 SEO Tips For Interior Designers Are Gold - If You Follow Them

SEO is a foreign and techy language that interior designers don't want to get tangled up in, but listen to me. You MUST. It is so vitally important to your business that if you don't get on board, you'll be left behind.

If you need more help, I've got you covered.