The Truth About SEO For Interior Designers


SEO for interior designers is so damn important because you're leaving money on the table when you're not working on your search engine optimization (SEO) for your website and blog. 

A big problem that interior designers have is they don't have the visibility that they need to get found online. And let's be real... you need to be found online even if you're a local-only designer. Practically everyone starts their search online even the people looking for you. 

But, I don't want you to rush out and hire some SEO guru just yet. You can do SEO for your interior design blog on your own. If you know a few things. 

First, I've got a story for you.

Years ago I had my hand virtually slapped for being a big old meanie. Here's why.

"Guru A" was giving props in a Facebook group to some "Guru B". I assume the props were given in an affiliate circle jerk of some sorts. 

Guru A was saying how Guru B was awesome at Search Engine Optimization because she was on the first page of Google. And that we should all hire Guru B right now. *insert the biggest fucking eye roll ever*

So, I Googled it.

She was not on the first page of Google. 

What the Gurus didn't know was that Google personalizes your search results. Yep. When I pointed this out I was called out as some woman-empowering-hating bitch. Um, no... they were just full of shit.

Today, I got another Guru's email today with basically the same stupid story, I thought it'd be the perfect time to let you know this story is still bullshit. 

7 Tips To Mastering SEO For Interior Designers

Google Knows What You're Googling

If you don't know the basics of SEO for interior designers you would buy Guru C's dumb story. Guru C was jabbering about how they were ranking ahead of some super big websites with their Page 1 results. I Googled it. They were not. They were on Page 2, not bad... but let's not start sucking each other's dicks yet.

Google knows what websites you go to, where you live and your habits so then it can show you personalized results. That's why this latest proclamation from Guru C was bullshit. They were validating their search engine optimization results the wrong way.

So, if you're a shitpreneur "guru" you'll take your fake Google first page results and wave them all around town like a dummy. Maybe next time you should check yourself before you wreck yourself.

If you really want to see if you're on the front page of Google for whatever you're trying to rank for, you should check out Corey's post to learn how to track your Google rank on Fuel Your Photo on tips to check that you're legit ranking for what you want to be ranking for. 

Longtail Keywords

You need to start finding the longtail keywords your clients are using to find you. That means "bedroom" is out and "how do I decorate a white bedroom on a budget" is in. That specific keyword might not send you a ton of traffic, but lots of longtail keywords start to add up and they are easier to rank for than just one word. 

Your clients are looking for different types of information, so you need to put on your ideal client thinking cap. Sometimes they want information and the search term how do I decorate a white bedroom on a budget would speak to those people. 

Sometimes they want to hire you and for those queries, you would want to optimize a page on your website for that with a term like top interior design firms las vegas because that would be something your client would search for when they want to hire you. 

Write A Lot Of Content To Rank

I say this to you just in case you try to hire someone to help you with your SEO for your interior design blog. There is not one single SEO nerd out there that can truly get your website to rank and bring you more traffic with just a few pieces of content. 

You need to target many different long tail keywords (aka write a lot of good shit) that your clients are using to find your business without duplicating content. When you write tons of blog posts you can have more of your content indexed on Google.

The longer the better because there is just so much fluff out there. Amirite? The highest ranked content on Google is over 2,000 words. Not all of your posts need to be that long, but you do need some content to be that long.

Categories + Tags Are Your Friends

Categories on your website help the search engines understand what your website is about. Your categories are the general topics your website is about. They could be decorating ideas, rooms, furniture, accessories.

So your post on how do I decorate a white bedroom on a budget should be in a category like "decorating ideas" or "rooms". Then when you write other posts about bedrooms you will put them into that category. Aim for 5 categories on your interior design blog.

Tags are to help your readers navigate around your website easily because the tags are specific details in your content. So if you wrote the blog post about how do I decorate a white bedroom on a budget your tags could include nightstand, bed, pillow, etc. Aim for 10 or fewer tags on your blog post.

Optimize Your Photos

Interior design is a feast for the eyes. And because Mr. Google has no eyeballs, you need to optimize your photos for the search engines. Rename you photos with your longtail keyword you're using on the page the image will be on.

Reduce the file size of your images, too. Big ass images will have Mr. Google taking traffic away from you. 

It Takes Time To Rank

So how long does it take to rank in Google? The peeps in the know say it will take between 3-6 months. That means you better get going and start working on your search engine strategy today so you can start to show up on Google sooner rather than later.

With SEO For Interior Designers, The Ultimate Goal Is Conversion

With all that in mind, you know that conversion is the main goal here. A bunch of traffic that doesn't convert into clients doesn't do shit for your business. 

You need a plan, Stan. One that has you with a waiting list of clients. I'll show you how inside the Society. Beyond showing you some SEO tricks, I've got lots of other stuff that will take your interior design business to the next level. Join me?