What to Send to Your Email List

If you're like every interior designer I work with you will wonder what you should send to your email list. Especially when you feel like you've shared it all on Facebook. Sometimes we think that our peeps are stalking us like we stalk our favorite celebrity trainwrecks. But they aren't. 

Your peeps are not going to see everything you post on Facebook.

The key is to build up the newsletter.

You need to get these people's email addresses into your own email marketing service because you can't count on Facebook to get your information in front of your peeps eyeballs at the exact moment you need to get a message to them.

You know, that's not just like an internet marketing type thing, you'll see that with Nordstroms or Macy's or whoever else. They want your email address because they know they can't count on Facebook to show their content to you when they need to get that information out. If they're having a Mother's Day sale and they post it on Facebook, maybe you'll see it, maybe you won't. Maybe they have to boost their ad to get it in your feed. But if they know they have an email address, they can connect directly with you, anytime.

Now, with feeling like you already shared this information a bazillion times on Facebook and you're sure everybody saw it don't count on it.

What To Send To Your Email List

1. Your Blog Posts

Sometimes I share way old blog posts from my website to the newsletter because I know that people haven't seen it. There's always new people coming on to my email list who didn't see my post from 2012. That's like a vintage post by now.

2. Your Latest Project

What are you working on right now? Did you go to a new showroom that had something really cool? Trying to decide on what fabrics to use? Share what your design process is. There are so many things you are working on that you might think are boring, but to your reader they could be really interesting.

3. Content They Can't Get Anywhere Else

A lot of the stuff that I've shared on my newsletter, it never makes it out into the world. I like to write emails like I'm writing to my best friend. Even though it's thousands of them at once. I write from my heart about things that may not be specific to an online marketing strategy, but personal. Those get the best response.  

It's so crucially important to create and continuously build that email list. You need to be able to have that, essentially that Rolodex of the clients and prospects at your disposal that you can contact. So then when you need to let them know, "Mother's Day is just around the corner I have this design service. You could, you know, refresh Mom and Dad's bedroom," not that we care about Dad, but let's refresh Mom's bedroom and make it all cozy for her.

But also remember that your email list is a something you need to cherish. Those are real people on the other side you're building a relationship with. Love them and share the best with them. They will appreciate it and become your brand ambassadors.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.