Success Strategies: 5 Keys To Sell Interior Design Services

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Pricing isn't the only key when you want to sell interior design services. There are 5 success strategies you have to consider when you're promoting your interior design services.

Here are five success strategies to sell interior design services

  1. Deliverables – What are you exactly delivering to the client?

  2. Expectations – What does the client think they are getting?

  3. Time – How much time will it take you?

  4. Process – What steps do you take every time to offer this service?

  5. Confidence – Are you worth it?

So for this success strategy, let's figure out how to price a simple paint color palette that we want to sell online. This should be a quick and easy money maker for your design business.


What are you going to give to your client? You have a couple options – digital delivery or paper delivery. Will you make a digital image/ PDF of the color palette or will you send them paint swatches?

Homework: Decide on how you're gonna delivery it.


What does the client expect to get? Are they going to get an email from you of the paint colors and a note from you telling them where to put the paint colors? Are they going to get a floor plan laying out where the paint colors go spelling it all out? Are they going to get a little booklet from you (could even be an eBook) on painting tips? How many colors are you choosing? What do they think they are getting from you?

Homework: Put yourself in your client's shoes and what would you expect to get?


How much time will it take you to select a paint color palette? Five minutes? One hour? If you are creating a digital paint palette how long will it take you to navigate the internet to locate the manufacturer’s colors to represent them on a file to send to your clients? If you are sending them swatches, do you have to send off for the swatches, are they in house and all you have to do is clip and send them? And how will you present them? And let’s not forget cost in this time estimate. If you are sending a physical item, account for your mailing costs/gas/etc.

Homework: Create a spreadsheet or document and figure out how much time all the parts will take to deliver this color palette.


When you get a client who wants a paint color palette, what do you do? Do you have them create a Pinterest board? Do you work exclusively with one paint manufacturer? Do you have them fill out a questionnaire? Do you have a digital template for your paint palettes where it’s an easy to reproduce product to recreate? Do you have a paper template standardized to mail? Once you create a standard process, things go quicker and profits rise.

Homework: Write down your entire process, from payment to delivery. 


Are you worth it? You really need to believe in yourself. If you are charging $300 and your competition is charging $75 what’s the difference? Put yourself in your client’s shoes to make sure you are giving them their money’s worth but also that you are not selling yourself short. You have to feel strongly in the way you present yourself, your business and your services.

You might think it is easy to pick paint colors and you don’t feel the need to gouge a client. On the other hand, you could turn that into your value – colors picked fast and with 100% certainty.

Homework: Know that you're awesome, but never base your price on anyone else's worth.

When you have the five success strategies to sell interior design services nailed down selling your interior design services shouldn’t be hard.

At the end of the day the only secret to pricing is that there is no secret. It really is about branding your services and yourself. A brand is a promise of an experience. So make sure that you are also presenting yourself, your company and everything you do in the best way possible.