Scarcity Keeps You Broke

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There isn’t some magical pill out there to get you success.

You can have anything you want. You just need to choose and take ACTION.

I know you just wish that there was someone who would write all of your blog posts. You sit there and wish that clients would bang down your door with a fistful of cash begging you to just take their money.

You want to take those dreamy vacations with your family. You want to completely redesign your home with the perfect pieces without caring how much it all costs. You want to upgrade your car. You want to buy a wardrobe full of cute clothes and sweet ass shoes. You sit there dreaming about making a 6 figure income along with tons of passive income money been deposited into your bank account every day.

But let’s be honest. There’s not one single thing that you will do today that will get you exactly what you want.

You need to have a holistic business strategy. You need to show up every day. You need to be a leader. You need to share your message.

You can't hide, automate or outsource your business. That's not how it's done.

If you want to outsource the business aspect of all the daily tasks of showing up in terms of writing a blog that matters, cultivating relationships, hanging out on social media and just want to design all day, every day you will be broke.

You must show up You need to have a strategy in place for your business. Not someone else’s strategy.

What is it that you need to share with the world. You need to share the message that your client needs to hear. Not the message that turns them the fuck off.

You can’t be the person who only shows up with bullshit boring tips every day. If I want to know how to do something, I can Google it. Right?

So what’s the difference? It’s YOU.

You are the business. And if you'd get the fuck over your fear you can have it all.

And no, that’s not a load of bullshit.

If you’re constantly stuck in the scarcity mindset that there isn’t enough clients, the economy sucks, there isn't enough money in the world you will fail.

You need to flip that shitty mindset and get into the business of starting and growing relationships.

There’s no magic formula, strategy, processes or sales funnel that will give you the success you want if you can’t be bothered to show up.


You have to communicate every day with blogs, videos, and get engaged in convos. You need to care about your clients, what they want and speak directly to them.

Get fucking serious about success. Get allergic to the bullshit “secrets” that everyone wants to sell you. It’s sales copy you’re attracted to. Instead, you need to get turned on by taking action.

Take the action by making a plan. What are you going to do to get the success you want? Hold yourself accountable and put it in the comments. Don’t chicken out and put your dreams on hold until tomorrow… or next year.

What about Kumbaya, Dance Parties, and Fluffy Bunnies!

Yeah, we've got none of that here. In the Society, we've got the hard hitting strategies, no BS education, and rock-solid community of like-minded designers and creative entrepeneurs that you can use to grow your interior design business beyond your wildest dreams. Just because you're a woman in business doesn't mean you need things to be pink and candy coated - join here for foolproof success strategies without the fluffy stuff.