Sales Page Formula for Interior Designers Part 2


Hopefully you didn't miss Part 1 of the Sales Page How To for Interior Designers. If you did, just click here to read it.  If you don't have Alzheimer's you remember we went over:

  • Naming Your Service

  • Your design client's problems

  • What features your service have

  • What the benefits of your service are

  • Who your services are for and who they aren't for

So now let's get on with the rest of the Sales Page!

6.  Write out out the objections every design client might have.

Put yourself in their shoes. Why wouldn't you buy it? Maybe they are thinking that it cost too much. Compare it to how much all those gallons of paint would cost if they can't make up their minds. Or how much that painter will charge them only to have them see their paint color choice was fugly. Also, tell them if you have a guarantee. It doesn't matter to me if you do or don't, but they will want to know.

7. Tell them how it works.

If you are an online interior designer, peeps want to know how everything works. And you can't blame them. Online service providers can be shady and for Pete's Sake. Some people don't even do online banking, so you need to tell them exactly what happens after they hit the "Buy Now" button.

8. How much does it cost?

Tell them your service costs 'X' amount and what is its value. Value means a lot to folks. If you can save them from themselves and buying a white sofa when they have a home full of pets (or children) that will look like junk in a year, that's valuable.

9. Tell them what to do next.

They just read your fantastic sales letter. Now tell them what to do. Do they add you service to the cart, or email you? Let them know what they need to do next.

10. What if they aren't ready?

Offer them a way to get in contact with you and also suggest they get on your email list. That way they can get a feel for what you offer and get to know you. Bonus points if you have an autoresponder set up :)