Sales Page Formula for Interior Designers Part 1


I was thinking back to when I started my e-decorating business online. And how many things didn't know about the business of interior design. One of those things was a sales page. Over time it gets easier to figure out, but at first I was like....

"ugh, why do I want of those slimy things?"

You know we have all seen those creepy sales pages with yellow, red and black and maybe they ever have a video that plays automatically when you find your way there.


Yet, there is a way to do one that is entertaining and informative. Your clients want to know what they are getting from you and it doesn't have to be all boring or skeezy. So put your personality into it.

Here's my sales page formula that worked for my interior design business. You need to tweak it to fit your business, so don't copy it directly (and I know you are more creative than I am).

1. Name your interior design package or service

I wrote a blog post about ideas on naming your interior design services.

2. Talk about your design client's problem.

And I don't mean their chin hair problem. I mean what is wrong with their room. Empathize with them. Something like "You want a home office that is inspiring to be in but also functional. You need a space that works as hard as you do, but looks like a million bucks on Skype during your e-decorating consults for much less. You're tired of trying to layout your room online with no success and still your office is unfinished. You want a designer who understands your problem and has the most creative solutions. "

Talk about THEM. Not you. Nobody gives a shit about you. Just kidding, I do. But you know what I mean. They want to know you feel them. You feel their pain. Get it?

3. Show them your goods.

This is where you can imagine presenting your service to them with a big and pretty red bow on top. Tell them what they get (and what they don't get so you are managing their expectations).

4. Now explain the benefits and results.

If you are selling a paint color palette, you need to say that once they hire you to select their paint colors that they can stop going to the paint store every weekend and finally learn how to play bocce ball on the weekends. Or whatever they do. It's all about THEM and what they get out of it.

5.Tell them Who it is for and Who it isn't for.

Think of this in terms of who should buy your design services and who shouldn't. If you only want to work with people in the NYC area, then say it. If you only work with people online, say it. If you refuse to work with people who listen to Justin Bieber, say it.

Here's part two of your sales page formula.