3 Signs You Should Redesign Your Website


Most people out there think that once you get yourself a brand spankin' website that it will be the last time for a long time before you ever hire a new web designer again to redesign your website.

But, that kind of thinking could be keeping you from getting all the clients you could ever handle (and who doesn't want a steady stream of clients?).

I am gonna give you the signs that it might be time to break up with your website design and start to think about a website redesign.

I know, you put quite a chunk of money into your current website design and thought that it was really gonna be the be all end all site. The one that your friends would 'ooh and ahh' over. The one that clients couldn't keep their eyes off of. The design is soooo you, but that might be costing you money because people are getting turned off by your website. And we don't want that.

Top 3 Signs It's Time To Redesign Your Website Design

  1. You're having an identity crisis. It looks like a Disney child star with tattoos on it. You know what I mean. Look at the Biebs. He still has that adorable cute face and all those tattoos that only scream in a Peter Pan voice that he's a bad ass. I mean, I wouldn't for one minute think that he was going to be able to kick my ass. And maybe that's how your design is coming across. It's all cutesy with flowers and then you throw in a random pirate flag to show you've got some bad-ass in ya. This has to be why Selena and the Biebs didn't last. And a clear sign you need to redesign your website.

  2. You're attracting the wrong clients. You feel like Lindsay Lohan, every time you turn around some dastardly socialite is trying to bring you to the dark side... or rather low paying prospective clients who would love to work with you but only if you give them a real good deal. Or free pot. And last time I checked that wasn't a good business model. "FREE POT! With every purchase over $50." See, if you're giving off the wrong vibe, you'll attract what you don't want. When you redesign your website with your ideal clients in mind, they will KNOW that you mean business.

  3. You're confusing people. Much like how I am confused every time I look at Ceelo Green, you are confused about the purpose of your website. Like are those tiny T-Rex arms for realz? But no, say you're a jewelry designer and when I hop onto your website I see a picture of you rolling around on the floor with your cat and a telephone in your website header. (Yes people, I have seen this.) Like, wha? I would much rather see pictures of your jewelry that I want to buy in large quantities for my friends and families. You rolling around on the floor with a cat and a phone makes me look around and wonder did I just get off the wrong Google off ramp? I know, you felt this really embodied your essence, but your web designer just didn't have the balls to tell you it's all wrong for you. Redesign your website with the intention of telling people exactly what you do and who you do it for.

Redesign Your Website Design As Your Business Evolves

The design will not last forever and most likely you won't be in love with it forever because you and your business continue to evolve. And that is a good thing. So when you redesign your website, do it with a purpose. To attract clients, convert them and repeat.