Read This When You Hate Your Business

Dear You,

It's finally come to this. You don't want to work on your business. All you want to do is watch Real Housewives of Atlanta reruns all day long and figure out if the Kardashian's had a group discount on butt pumping procedures.

You're avoiding the one thing you believed in so much. What changed?

Something changed and made your heart turn on your business.

Did someone talk shit about you? Fuck them.

Did you get the client from hell? Fire them or suck it up. 

Did you misquote how many hours your project was going to take and now you're working for free? Fine, rejigger your pricing and move forward. 

Do you feel like you lost yourself? Take some time off and figure out why you feel like this. If you don't stop and figure this out, you'll be closing down your business within 6 months.

Do you feel like you don't know who you are? You feel like one person at home with your family and friends. When you go online you feel like you're the high school Valedictorian, naked on stage ready to deliver your epic speech which your dog ate? Not everything you do will be epic. Just know that if you don't continually try to let go you won't have a chance of ever being epic online.

Do you hate your services? Stop offering them the way they are. Change it. It's your business.

Your business is YOU. And if you're not going to give a 100% then maybe you need to give up. And if reading that last sentence sparked that fighting spirit, figure out the block and get past it.