5 Tips To Hone Your Intuition + Become A Magnet For Dream Clients


It is so much easier to play a part than to be yourself.

It is so much easier to focus on getting another certification, more followers on Instagram or writing another bullshit blog post that you hope will get you traffic to your website.

Because deep down you don't want the attention for your true gifts.

You tell the world you can design anything, even though you secretly hate designing southwest anything.

You tell the world that you can work with anyone, even though you can spot an asshole from a mile away.

You tell the world that you have zero fucks to give, but inside you're in pain because you actually do give fucks but the world can never know your inner tenderness.

You are devoutly and deeply devoted to your beliefs that you grew up with even though the voice inside is telling you that you can shit can a few of them. 

You want to play a bigger role, but you're unsure how to shed the constraints you've put on yourself because they have always made you feel safe.

You want someone else to figure out how you should do things in your life because that voice inside you sometimes hear? Well, that fucker is plain old crazy and it can't possibly know what is right for you.

And so you sit there as the years zoom by and you start to get pissed off. This is not how you envisioned your life.

You figured your life would be way better than that cheerleader from high school. Sure, you don't weigh two tons, but you're no better when you're still drowning your sorrows in wine or food.

You did what the masses said you should do. You listened to them in their "infinite" wisdom and here you are. Pissed off and living a life of mediocrity. 

At this point, what does it matter? You could absolutely say fuck it. Give up the dream. Ignore the voice inside that nags. Go back and live the life of mediocrity that has you in a fluctuating state of anxiety and depression.

Or you take the time to listen to the voice within that has been trying to tell you for years now that if you don't get clear on what you really want and decide that you will show up authentically for a change, you're gonna be regret it.

We've heard all the saying before about being yourself because everyone else is taken. And we hear it, but we think we're totally being authentic. 

But when you look at the stuff you're complaining about, you're not. 

You are attracting the shit into your life you don't want. Because you think that will make you money or that's just the way life is. And your business becomes a grind. And you eventually find yourself wondering why it's all so hard and not making you the money you know you are meant to earn.

It's because you're out of alignment with your soul. Your soul didn't ask for this. "They" said this was the way to go, but what do "they" know about your soul?

Jack shit. 

Get in alignment with your soul. Stop ignoring the signs. Stop thinking that your life has to be played out in a certain way.

Let's hone your intuition so you get fully in alignment with your soul and finally start attracting your dream clients.

Step #1: Trust

Trust that voice inside. I always used to think I was one step away from the mental institution when I heard the voice inside. At times I am having full on conversations with the voice. And yes, for years I thought I was crazy. Once I decided to listen and fully trust that voice inside, I knew I wouldn't be steered wrong.

Step #2: Shhhh

If you're not even hearing that voice inside all the time, you need to get really quiet and listen to it. AND in case you're wondering the voice you're listening for isn't the jerkface that is constantly reminding you that you suck. It's the much quieter one that always has your back in its loving way. 

Take time to do a daily meditation. It doesn't need to be 3 hours long, My meditation time is 10 minutes max. And as you get used to what your inner voice sounds like you'll be talking with it all day long and getting the guidance that you've been seeking from the outside.

Step #3: Play Games

One of my favorite things to do is to play games and guess what will happen next. Sometimes when my mom is watching Jeopardy and I'm walking by I'll pause and know right before when a "Daily Double" clue will pop up. 

For you, the next time your phone rings guess who it's gonna be on the other end of the line and see how often you're correct.

Step #4: Go Down The "I Knew It" Lane

Think back on those times where you "knew it" was going to end up that way. Whether it was a relationship with someone or a project that took a dump. That was your BFF Intuition working!

Step #5: Set It And Forget It

Just like when you're working on something and you can't figure out the solution, sometimes connecting with your intuition "on demand" is hard AF. So instead just put the question out there and let it sit. 

Sometimes you're probably trying way too hard to get the answer you need. So just set it and forget it. Move along with your day knowing the answer will come. It might be when you're taking a shower that night or during your sweet dreams. Just know the answer will come.

Gratitude Always

And always remember to be in gratitude as you hone into listening to your intuition. Saying thank you to God (or however you choose to address it) for everything that comes into your life is a worthy practice. 

Be thankful that your dream client is on their way to you. Be thankful that your dream projects are coming up for you. Be thankful for your life and the blessings it brings. Be thankful for your intuition and its guidance in your successful life.