If You Really Don't Know Why You're An Interior Designer, You're Screwed

Every single person on the planet wants success, love, money, freedom and wants to belong.

Beyond that, the real reason behind why you want success will be different than my why. And for you, it's way deeper than just helping people create pretty spaces.

Every time I tried to dig into the "why" question, I'd get close to what was really my motivation, but never could get the clear picture.

If you been following my Facebook page, you'll remember this post where I revealed my secret to the world. It was something I'd been holding on to for years. I had to share my story to get it the fuck off my chest completely. 

Now that it is off my chest it turned into "now what"? Where do you go from here? 

Five days later I know why I really do what I do. 

It all stems from my abuse at a young age. Because many family members and friends denied that the abuse happened and set me up for a life where I felt like WTF does it matter if I say anything, no one will believe it?

I felt like I had to STFU, suck it up and that I didn't matter. 

Then as an adult, to earn the street cred so I could call myself an "interior designer" to only have that crowd tell me essentially the same thing: STFU, get out of our club and be quiet. You embarrass us you white trash piece of shit.

That right there is the REAL motivation.

I am the voice for the designers who feel like:

  • No one is taking them seriously.

  • No one really cares.

  • They can't bear to be hurt or rejected.

  • They are a fraud.

  • That they are less than.

You're worthy. I'm worthy. And we will never STFU again. I'm standing up for US. We matter. We deserve to be seen. We deserve to be heard. 

We can hope that all the decorators, stylists, designers one day could come together, drink wine, sing a George Michael song (my imagination, my soundtrack) and be sexy smooth like Scott Weiland. All while we loved, supported and cheered on one another and never throw shade again.

BUT. That ain't gonna happen. That's like thinking Mariah Carey and J Lo would ever be besties. 

You know why? They wanna run their race a certain way and we want to change the rules on them. One day they won't be in charge anymore, but until that time get ready to see a big fucking designer revolution where the degrees, certs and all the rest of the crap doesn't hold much weight. I'm pretty sure it's already lost a lot of its stock value now. And they hate that shit. 

Wrapping this shit up, we live in a time where you don't have to only be limited to that one career you picked out. Maybe you were a CPA for 20 fucking years, now you're ready to follow your passion. Fab! But first, before you get unmotivated and scared take the time to really think about your why. 

What is your why? Why are you in this business? Then ask "why" again. And ask again. Until you get to the real reason why you do what you do. 

Join the Society and we're going to help you get clear on what your TRUE purpose is and how you can turn that into a profitable design business. Imagine waking up being inspired to do your best work and getting paid to make money doing what you're supposed to do.