3 Profitable Online Interior Design Packages You Can Sell Today


Whether you like it or not online interior design packages are here to stay. It’s your time to decide if you want to add these to services to your offerings.

If you do decide to, it’s never been easier to create and sell your own online interior design packages without signing up with one of the “big boys”, without competing with others and you won’t have to share your profits.

Here’s 3 Fun Online Interior Design Packages You Can Sell

Package #1: Paint Color Palette

Save your clients time and frustration by curating paint color palettes that will be a great starting point for their design. You can come up with a handful of paint color palettes that will work anywhere  they could be specific to a time period or inspired by a television show. Three's Company anyone?

Package #2: Renter’s Room Design

Every renter knows how hard it can be to make the place you’re renting feels like home. Come up with a design package that allows the renter to make their space feel like home without having to make changes to the apartment that have to reversed when they move out.

Package #3: Home Office Design

More and more entrepreneurs and even some peeps working for the man work from home. Just because they're telecommuters doesn’t mean they want to sit at their dining table on a laptop. Help them design a professional space at home that inspires them to do their best work.

It’s so easy today to create your own online interior design packages because you don’t even have to rig up a complex system to do this anymore.

Check out this course I created to show you how to work through the eDesign process for your own business.