How To Be A Batching Badass

how to be a badass

How do you do it all? I get this question a lot. 

No, I don't do meth. I do have a kid, a husband, my mom, a hamster, #eldiablogato and a dog all here at home where I work. 

So what's my secret?  I batch everything that I do.

Batching Social Media

I think I have tried practically  every social media scheduling app out there. I'm now using Meet Edgar. Meet Edgar has categories. So if I know that I have a category of A or B posts I need to batch make a bunch of images for A or B posts, Decor posts, etc. and then upload them to their appropriate category.

Meet Edgar will then pull from each category to serve an item out of there to match the preset schedule I've set up. When the app has gone through all of my posts, it starts back at the beginning. If I was still using Buffer we would have to go through and click "re-Buffer" on each post. That's not an efficient use of my time.

Batching Blog Posts + Graphic Design

I always keep a running list of ideas on my Trello board so I'm never out of ideas when it comes to blog day.

Then I pick one day a month (or two) to bust out blog posts. I start by writing them and pick another day to work on the graphics. 

Once the posts are ready, I schedule them. I usually have a month worth of blog posts ready to go, which I can also use in my newsletter.

Batching Business on Theme Days

I also set certain days of the week aside, they are my "theme days".

I always make Monday + Friday "my days". These are the days of the week where I'm working on my business only. I don't book client work for these days, but all of my other tasks I need to do to keep my business running. I may use these days to create a new Masterclass or work on my email list. 

Tuesdays are Society days where I'm either hosting a Q+A Day or doing business reviews.

Wednesdays are the ever special "early release" day at school, so my work day is totally jacked up and become free-for-all task days.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the days set aside for client calls and discovery sesh's.

Batching Business Stats + Course Correct

At the end of every month, I go through and check my analytics to find my top 10 popular blog posts. Then I will go through them and make sure to optimize them. 

I will go through all of my social media stats, document my growth and see what posts were winners and which were duds. Duds are deleted and new stuff is added to the mix.

Batching Bookkeeping

Each Saturday morning I go through and add my sales receipts and expenses into Quickbooks. I do have a virtual bookkeeper to help me at the end of the month to make sure I didn't miss a thing. 

Outsourcing Batching

As with any batching, if you can outsource it... do it. If you're not a fan of making graphics, find someone to do it for you. Create a template, show them how you want your stuff done, and have them do it. I think it's worth the money to pay someone to do things like that.

I'm still not going to advocate for outsourcing blog post writing because you have a certain tone in the way that you're communicating and I think it's really hard to find someone who can actually mimic that because readers will catch on and then you'll lose that personal connection.

Daily Tasks

All this batching allows me to also check in on my Club members during the day and my Facebook page. I spend about 40 minutes a day on my Facebook page liking and commenting on posts, broken into 10 minute blocks. 

Becoming A Batching Badass

Select "theme" days. Which days will be your blogging days or bookkeeping days? Which day of the week will you set up for client visits? 

Block out blocks of time. While having Tuesday become blogging day is great, you can still make it just a couple of hours that day so you can also do you client work. 

Life becomes less hectic when you start batching so you can get ahead of the game. This will allow you be available for the "client emergency" or anything else that pops up. 

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.