The Epic Guide To Pinterest For Interior Designers

The 411 To Pinterest For Interior Designers


If you're not using Pinterest to get a shit ton of eyeballs on your interior design business, then you are missing out on getting known. I'm going to show you how to mine Pinterest for untapped sources of website traffic + six-figure clients

You can grow your reach exponentially and very quickly on Pinterest without spending hours guessing what you're supposed to be doing. 

Tip #1 Switch To A Business Account

Switch from a Personal account to a Business Account. This will give you access to your analytics. The analytics will allow you to see which of your pins are popular while learning more about your audience. 

When you convert to a business account, you'll also be verifying your website which is going to be key when it comes to your "Rich Pins". There are quite a few different types of Rich Pins, but you'll be concerned with Article and maybe Product Pins.

These rich pins just give more information about the pin that Pinterest can get from your website because you verified with them. 

Tip #2 Add A Keyword After Your Name

Just because Pinterest looks like it is all about the visuals doesn't make it so. It is a visual search engine, except we can't just use our brain waves to search it. We have to type into Pinterest what we want to look at... hence that is why you need to use your keywords on Pinterest. So, you should do this ASAP: 

Your Name--> Brenda Walsh | Interior Designer <-- What You Do

Tip #3 Create A Board For Your Blog Posts

Create a Board for Pinterest that is reserved exclusively for your blog posts only. You can see my Pinterest Blog Post Board here. Make it the first board on your account and this allows your peeps to find your content easily, all in one place. 

Tip #4 Pin Your Freebie

Got a freebie you wanna pimp? Create a cool pin for it and put it on your Blog board and any other board it may be helpful on. Make sure the link goes directly to your landing page to sign up for your freebie. Hello, easy list building :)

Tip #5 Pin Long Images

Pin long images, not short ones. The longer the image, the better because they stand out on Pinterest. How does that work for creating images for your blog posts? I create a thumbnail image without text and I create a long Pinterest image inside of Canva that I put inside all of my blog posts. 

It makes it easy for my blog posts to be pinned, while if my post is shared on another social media platform the thumbnail without text shows up all pretty-like. 

Tip #6 Check Your Traffic

If you're getting a lot of traffic to a specific page on your website, optimize that page further to grow your list or guide your visitor to a purchase.

Tip #7 Create Boards Related To Your Local Area

If you have a local business, pin cool things to do and see in your town. Share pins related to the businesses and your partners in town, too.  

Tip #8 See How The "Competition" Is Doing

You can see what your "competition" is pinning and how it is doing by using this URL and seeing what people are pinning from their website:

Tip #9 Get Seasonal

Capitalize on the seasons and holidays by creating holiday boards.

Tip #10 Add The "Pin It" Button To Your Website

The "Pin It" button shows up when your website visitor hovers over your image. If you have a Wordpress website, you can use this plugin or if you're on Squarespace from the Home menu>Settings > Marketing> Pin It Buttons. Easy peasy!

Pinterest is the ultimate search engine for interior designers to get their businesses found and attract clients, easily! Ready to take your Pinterest game to the next level? Join me in the Society for our Masterclass Pinterest Potion.