How to Make Passive Income Selling Your Design Knowledge

Work smarter, not harder. That’s everyone’s goal, right? Since you’re are full of brilliant design ideas and information that helps your clients save money and time, you’re ready to make passive income selling your design knowledge.

Except if you’ve got no system in place to deliver it, you’re going to have to bandage some confusing solution together.  

I think a great idea for your first passive income project is getting your clients ready to work with you by selling them a epic guide and workbook in helping them to determine their design style and budget so they are ready to hand over the money to you to implement their design dream.

How to Make Passive Income Selling Your Design Knowledge: The Guide

What better way to make sure your client is ready to work with you than creating a passive income digital product that takes your clients through the beginning stages of your design process. You’ll be able to shave time off of the project and have clients who are ready to move forward from day one.

The Deliverables:

Design Style Finder - Help your clients figure out what their design style is. While every space is unique to the client, having a solid starting point for the design will help you both be on the same page.

Project Flow Chart - The way you do design projects is unique to you and preparing your client for how a typical project flows along with timelines is important to communicate to them.

Design Questionnaire - Ask them all the questions you ask all of your design clients so you know more about their lives and how the use their home.

Measurement Guide - Give them a measurement guide so they know how to accurately measure their space.

Budget Guide + Worksheet - Create a budget range for the furnishings and accessories you typically include in your rooms so your clients can budget accurately. Also, include a worksheet so they plan for their own project.

Besides the money you can make from packaging up your knowledge in this way, is that you’re already priming your clients for working with you. If the clients don’t end up working with you then you’ve still been compensated for your knowledge. It’s a win-win situation.

So how to do package up and sell your knowledge the easy way? My favorite solution: Mydoma. It makes it easy to sell your knowledge (and design services) all in one!

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