Why You Should be Paid for Your Holistic Interior Design Gifts


I find it interesting when you look at the similarities between the interior designers and lightworkers. There comes a time where both fields will feel uncomfortable with charging for their services.

Lots of the same questions are asked:

What will the market bear? Should I make my services affordable? How much is actually too much to charge?

And because I think holistic interior designers are also lightworkers, let’s address the real question here.

What are you really charging for with holistic interior design services?

When it comes to holistic interior design services, we’re not just charging for the nuts and bolts for the design to come together. There’s a lot more at play.

Energy Exchange

When you sell your design services, there should be a good and fair exchange of energy. The intention that you set with your design services is that your work will be in resonance with your client’s desires to help them on whatever path they are walking.

With this, you must be aware that you aren’t supposed to charge “affordable fees” simply because you see a bunch of other designers charging what is essentially code for low fees. When you charge a fee that isn’t enough to support you and your family, you will end up wading knee-high in your client’s spiritual shit.

The last thing you need to do is work with a client that is seeking a design solution based upon the low price tag. When people purchase items because it is has a low price tag is usually based upon the fact that they don’t believe they deserve more. And if you don’t charge enough for your design services, I would need you to ask yourself if you feel as if you’re not worthy.

Cost To Develop Your Skills

There is a cost to develop your design skills. Whether that is time or money or both. Your raw design gifts are something that you constant work on to improve. No matter if you’ve believed your God-given talent for design isn't something so unique or even special, that gift isn’t given to everyone. Everyone has different and unique gifts but no matter the gifts, you must be compensated appropriately so that you can continue to serve others with your talents.

People Value What They Pay For

When you get things for free, we tend not to value it. We tend to place more value on the things that we have spent money on.

For instance, if you had some basic beater car and you also had a luxury car - you're going to care if the luxury car gets a big dent in it more than if your beater car did.

The same thing applies to your services. If you decide to charge five bucks for a paint color palette, your clients will wonder why no one else is charging such a low fee and if you're shitty at picking paint colors.

That's not to say that you must charge crazy town fees just because some Instagram guru told you that you have to. What it costs to provide the service is what it costs - never feel bad for that.

Bitterness Will Get You

When you don't charge enough and are unable to pay your bills, how will you be able to continue to serve others? We live in a world where we need to pay the bills. You can choose to pay the bills folding t-shirts at the mall or by serving others with your design skills.

You'll likely be a happier person if you can make money by using your gifts. You'll be able to focus your energy in the holistic healing that your clients will experience through your designs. Beyond that, you will become a Bitter Betty if holistic design has to become a side hustle.

Transformation Isn't Usually A Solo Journey

While I believe that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, sometimes they don't know how nor do they have the time to do so. Because the purpose of holistic interior design is to help your clients heal and find balance in their life, their investment in your services allows them to be fully invested in this transformational journey with you as their guide.


Being a giving individual is a beautiful thing, and it is a necessary part of business. You should be of service to your clients whether they pay or not. Wait, what?

Your blog posts, your videos, your freebies are gifts that you give to your community. Whether they ever hire you or not, you are still giving them something that helps them on their journey.

We also know that sometimes we get caught up in giving more than we are compensated for to our paying clients. Sometimes it's merely because you know you would do this work for free and it is your life's purpose. But please don't do that.

You provide massive value, and by charging for your gifts, you're then able to continue the work you were placed on this planet to do. Got it?

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