Is It Really "I Can't" or "I'm Scared"?


I can't. The words played on repeat inside my mind. For 6 months.

I created a business that has grossed a quarter of a million dollars and I feel like I can't continue on with it.

  • I proved to myself that I could do it.

  • I proved to myself that it was a solution to a problem many people needed.

  • I proved that what I said mattered.

And now I sit here saying "I just can't" anymore.

Not without acknowledging that I want more.

Maybe it's that I live in a state that is so politically correct that if you're not doing or saying the "right" things that it slowly kills your soul.

Maybe I shouldn't blame the place where I live as much as I should take the accountability to acknowledge that I need to take the next step even if it doesn't fit within this tidy box I've created for myself.

Transitions in life are difficult. Leaving the dock and setting off on another voyage is scary as hell. You will be out in the middle of the ocean and you won't be able to see land. You hope your internal compass will keep you on the course. You hope that your smoke signals work in case you need help.

But it's the fear talking. And that fear isn't that you won't succeed. It's the fear that what you are about to embark on is the trip that you need to take.

And so I will go on this journey, even if I'm scared. Even though I think a Costco-sized box of Depends may be in order. But it's not an invitation I can ignore.

The bigger question is, will you go on the journey you're called on? Will you? I think you should. I'd love to see your journey.