Overcoming Fear + Self Doubt

Who doesn't want to overcome fear and self-doubt? That's a total no-brainer.

By far, building a business by yourself has to be one of the biggest things that will scare the living daylights out of you. Not to mention that almost every step of the way you'll feel like a complete and total fraud. 

I mean what if they knew your business was a newborn? Certainly, because your business is brand new must mean that you're a complete and total dipshit, right? Wrong!

Just because you're a new business owner doesn't mean you have also wiped away all of your talent and knowledge. You're still as talented as the next person who's been in business for years, you're just getting the hang of it. 

And here's a little secret... you'll always be getting the hang of it. You don't get to a point in your business where every day is cupcakes and unicorns. At every level of success, there's always something new to learn or overcome.

Instead, use fear to your advantage. 

There are too many people who just stop what they are doing because they are afraid.

Seriously, in 3 years from now, the people you thought was your competition will be out of business. Even if you thought they were the ones to watch.

Or like what we see with eDesign. Design pros are scared to offer it., but customers aren’t afraid to buy it. It's been proven. So while Barbara over there is scared to offer eDesign or says it can't be done, ignore her. There are people who do offer eDesign services and are successful. Barbara is full of shit. 

Seize that opportunity.

If you don’t have the guts to overcome your fear, you’re fucked. 

You can’t wait to see what the guy next to you is going to do.
You can’t wait to see if someone else is going to get success. Who said they were the smartest person in the room?
You can’t wait to live your life.

Take action. Be strong. Don’t live a life with regrets. 

Don’t wait for the “smartest people” to tell you what to do. Go out there and figure out what you need to do to take smart action.

Be deliberate and take fucking action.