More Noise Or More Authenticity?


What do you think this world needs? More noise or more authenticity? I think it's the latter.

I don't know about you but I'm tired of the noise. I'm tired of people talking, posting and saying nothing. 

I'm tired of the "experts" who are myopic in their viewpoints to further their agenda instead of looking to how they help humanity. 

I'm tired of the folks who want the easy, painless, secret to success because an opportunity is always disguised as work. 

I'm tired of a world that believes that only the popular or politically correct viewpoint is the only one that should be heard. 

I'm tired of hearing my peeps expressing their fears when it comes to growing their business. They don't feel good enough. They don't feel smart enough. They don't feel creative enough. Simply, they feel that Society has told them that they aren't enough. 

Instead, a lot of things that are popular are stupid and meaningless.

While we all can enjoy a nice distraction with stupid people or stupid memes to take our mind off of our troubles. It's not fulfilling. 

Our community is lacking soul.

We have some who preach the community over competition bullshit without actually meaning it. They don't empower anyone while simultaneously looking to profit off of the same community. They lack empathy and insight. 

We have some who like to wave their degrees and certifications around to the world like they are the only ones who should be working in the design field. Because of the life and safety πŸ™„. Yet, I haven't seen these diploma thumping designers calling out the big names in the industry who don't have a degree. Interesting who they like to jab at, right?

We have people in our industry blatantly stealing designs from other designers, like actual images complete with another designers logo, and putting it on their own website. Brazen!

This community has never been inclusive unless it is PC to do so. Many of the designers in THIS community have felt the sting of never being cool enough to hang out with the "in crowd". 

And by not being allowed into the clique, they end up feeling afraid to show up. Afraid to let their light shine. Whether it's sharing their creativity or their voice. 

Here's what I want THIS community to know that the clique won't ever share with you. 

You may not have all the skills you need right now, but start sharing your work from this point on. The more design work you do, the better you will become. There's no need to feel ashamed that your work isn't as good as someone else's. It took them time to get to that level and you just need more time to grow your skills. 

You may be afraid to share what's deep inside your soul because it's an unpopular opinion that you don't want to catch shit for. Share it because there are other people out there that feel exactly like you do and NEED to know that they are not alone.

You may be afraid for a lot of reasons, but most of those reasons are excuses that you let them (the in-crowd) reinforce. 

You are good enough. You are smart enough. You are creative enough. And you know what else? This is YOUR damn life. Do whatever the fuck lights your soul on fire.

Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. I can tell you that at times I've felt pretty ballsy getting some of the stuff off of my chest even though I caught shit from the in-crowd, it's nothing compared to how empowered I finally feel now to share whatever the fuck I want.

You know why I really feel empowered now? Because a lot of these people who think they are the cool kids... now that I look at them all I see as is "The Emperor's New Clothes"

The people who want to tear you down do not matter one little bit and you need to ignore their noise. 

You don't have to act a certain way to be a design professional. You don't have to have the glamour shots. You don't have to have the fancy car. And you sure as hell don't need to follow the in-crowd. 

You, right now, have an amazing opportunity to show them that being authentic, warts and all is cool. And authenticity catches on way more than any "secret" they won't share with you.