No Money To Start Your Interior Design Business? Read This.


Don't tell me you have no money or little money to start your business. Go get some money.

If you can't figure out how to make enough money to get started with your business you shouldn't be in business. Period. End of fucking story.

Don't send me emails that you can't pull together enough money to start your business or hire me. That is not my problem. It's yours.

When I started my business with $500 I bootstrapped it like a mofo.

Where did I get that money? From my husband? No. From some magical fucking fairy? No. From the government? No.

I sold stuff I had on eBay.

I was serious about starting my business and knew I need money for software and a website. I couldn't afford a graphic designer, a copywriter, a mentor or anything else.

I consumed free advice and took action on what wasn't bullshit.

I created my own website with Microsoft Front Page. I created my own logo. I bootstrapped different programs together to be able to make a design package to sell. Was it all beautiful? No. It looked like shit. But we all start somewhere.

As I made money, I saved it so I could invest it back in my business. I didn't make a lot of money at first but what money I did earn, I invested right back into my business. I didn't go and buy myself Starbucks or a fancy computer. I put that money towards my dream.

If you can't be disciplined enough to save what money you make and put it back into your business, you're not an entrepreneur.

I didn't bitch about what people charged that I wanted to hire to help me grow. I saved the money to make the investment in myself and further my business.

The first mentor I hired told me years ago that I had to get out there and show up. And so did the next mentor. And the next one after that. 

That was 7 fucking years ago. 

Only now am I getting out there in a bigger way. The only way I got "out there" back in the day was through my blogging. And it was enough at the time. 

I got my first clients through advertising in a local magazine and putting a sidebar ad on a DIY blog. People started paying attention to my blog, checking out my website. 

My email list and website traffic increased, slowly but steadily.

Building a business takes time, but if your first excuse is that you have no money... well you need to GTFO of the entrepreneur business. Excuses don't work.