Niche Your Design Business For Massive Success

niche-market-interior-design- (1).png

You need to pick a niche for your interior design business and niche it real good, bitches. (And by bitches, you know it's my term of endearment. Save your hate mail for my next blog post.)

You hear me say it all the time because it's soooo damn important.

While you might think you're shutting off the pipeline of clients by being super specific and picking a niche market for your interior design business, you're not. There are plenty of peeps who want to work with a specialist. Like, if you need a heart bypass are you gonna go to a podiatrist? Like, no. Unless you want to die.

Why must I niche it, bitch?

I'm glad you asked this bitch (me, ha!)...

You always will be more inspired to do your best work with the people you work best with.

Your clients want to know if you can really help them. But there's a total upside to selecting and running an interior design business with a niche market... it's makes creating interior design services so much easier. And it makes it so much easier to market yourself.

For instance, Priscilla the designer works with Gen Xers who are dying to have a vintage inspired interior. Now, think about this...

Your marketing can be vintage inspired, you can create images for your business based on vintage furnishings, fonts and colors. Your logo and website would have an old time feel. Your copy can harken back to the "good ol' days". Your design services could be fun like a "Don Draper Home Office Remodel"! Your free newsletter opt-in is focused on finding quality vintage furnishings.

That was rather easy for me to think of off the cuff, not because I'm brillz, but because I'm not casting the net so wide that I get idea overwhelm.

Think about it, you create such a fun design service that you become the expert, you have fun because you're doing what you love and your clients have no doubt that you are the designer for them.

A love affair is born. Harps strum and birds chirp.

Are you having a hard time with your marketing or figuring out your niche?