Mydoma VS. DesignFiles - Which One Is Right For You?


Do you know what a glorious time we live in? We can have our groceries delivered, get someone to drive us somewhere from our phone and Kim Kardashian is getting grandmothers out of jail. Amazing times, right?

Now, if we look way back to the olden days, by that I mean the early 2000s, running your design business meant you'd have reams of paper stored underneath your printer, product catalogs coming out of your ass and file folders piled on your desk hidden by 17 swatches.

All of that was crazy but we haven't even touched upon the fact that you still wanted to get digital with your business so you'd draw your floor plan in one program, render it in another program only after you'd photoshopped the products that you were going to put in your rendering. 

And thennnnnn, you'd put together some fucking spreadsheet with a list of products, create an image of that spreadsheet to insert into your design package with all of your images you created just to turn into a PDF you could send to your client. 

We don't live in those times anymore because you've got options for getting digital and organized without using 84 different programs. 

Today I'm talking about the difference between Mydoma and Designfiles. So let's get into it, shall we?

Designfiles is an online interior design platform. Mydoma is a client and project management software. They aren't exactly the same and depending on how you go through your own design process, one platform may suit you better than another. 

Let's start with Designfiles. Here's an inside look at what's you see when you're logged into your account.

With Mydoma, here's an inside look at what's you see when you're logged into your account.


DesignFiles is a good choice for your business if you are doing eDesign and/or small decorating projects. You have the ability to create 2D and 3D mood boards easily that your clients can comment on. If you're spec'ing retail and not doing large home reno projects, this is a good choice for you.

Mydoma has a lot more going on under the hood... if you're doing eDesign, local interior design project, ordering products and managing large projects then you'll want to start with Mydoma. You can get the contract signed, you can create and sell design packages, specify retail and To The Trade products, send invoices, create Purchase orders, and the list goes on. 

Below you'll find a comparison chart of Mydoma VS. DesignFiles... 

Mydoma Vs. DesignFiles Features

I hope that this has helped you to figure out which software you can use for your interior design business depending on what deliverables and what you need to manage.

Full disclosure: I'm an affiliate for DesignFiles and a longtime Brand Ambassador Mydoma.

You should give both of them a try and see which one helps you to streamline and make your design process go smoothly.