How To Be The Designer That Everyone Wants To Hire


There you are, sitting down to write another blog post that nobody will give two shits about. It all seems so hopeless and pointless.

Really, what makes you different that the other 70,000 interior designers?

You do the same shit they do. Clients have seen most of it before.

So if you want to be that meh interior designer, here's how to rock that.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #1

Offer the same shit that every other meh designer does.

List all of your deliverables on your website. Don't tell any stories about how it is to work with you, just list your services. Sit back and watch your bank account stagnant.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #2

Keep on doing it your way.

Please, don't follow any of the tried and true marketing business advice. Keep donning that interior design persona that all of those other failing interior designers with their 80s glamour shots are telling you to do. Don't you dare start being yourself.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #3

Copy what other interior designers are doing.

Please, please keep modeling everything you see that another interior designer is doing. I'm sure your psychic powers can see directly into their bank account and know that their strategy is going to work for you, too.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #4

Be polite.

Don't make waves. Don't have an opinion. Keep it to yourself at all times. You must uphold those "professional" standards. You wouldn't want to make any potential clients mad.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #5

Take pity on the poor clients.

I know you believe that every homeowner deserves a beautiful home. Sure they do. Keep taking on those jobs and working with those client's who don't give a shit about the value you bring.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #6

Use all the free tools.

Take advantage of every free tool out there. Don't you dare upgrade, buy yourself hosting and a domain, buy design software or hire a professional to upgrade your presence online. Who needs to invest in their business? Silly rabbit!

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #7

Market whenever the eff you feel like it.

Brand awareness? Puh-lease. Just wait until you someone discovers you. Waiting always works.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #8

 Target everybody and their brother.

Don't you dare get specific about who you want to work with. I mean, you can totally work with everyone. You have all the time in the world. Plus, you get along with everyone! Like that creepy ass dude with bunk eyes who wants a home decorated in Southwest Style and pleather. Marketing to everyone is just what meh designers do, so keep on with that.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #9

 Make sure your website and blog are on two different domains.

You wouldn't want to put your effort into building one kick-ass online destination. No, that would be dumb, instead make sure that when someone checks out your website that you send them away to another website to read your blog. I'm sure they'll come back.

Be The Meh Interior Designer Tip #10

Throw your hands up and wait for someone to save you.

I'm sure your knight is coming right now on a unicorn ready to do the hard work of putting your business together for you. Probably for free, too. Keep waiting, going in circles over your logo and spinning your wheels.

Being a Kick-Ass Designer isn't just something that comes free of charge.

You have to hustle and that is sold separately from your design degree.

I'll also tell you that if you think it's too hard, maybe being an entrepreneur isn't for you. #sorrynotsorry

Know your dream client, solve their problem, start a relationship, they hire you.

You can hear this advice all the time and it may not sink in. And maybe you think you can do it your own way, but successful designers know the truth and it always comes back to timeless business principles.

You may have to fail 700 times, but you get up 701 times. Learn, hustle and repeat. Those kick-ass designers don't have anything that you don't have. But, it's up to you to prove it.

And you totally can! So get going :)