Maybe You Don't Belong Here?

NEWS FLASH: I Use Profanity!


Once again I got a special email from someone who has been totally offended by me because I use fucking profanity. 

Shitastrophy writes:

You know what would really make my day? I would really love it if you would just send me free information without all of the profanity. I know you're probably thinking you're cool because you cuss, but you're not. It's so unnecessary and very unprofessional. If all of your content will have profanity, then please take me off of your list.

Well, Shitastrophy, allow me to retort:

Funny how you have been on my list since October of last year and now is when the profanity offends you. You didn't see all of the profanity when you signed up for different content on my website? You didn't read it in my blog posts? I guess you don't pay too much attention until you want to feign how offended you are. 

I'm professional. I do great work. Your offense at my use of profanity is whining and for that I give zero fucks. I removed you from my email list. 

It could have all ended there, but Shitastrophy needed to respond back. Of course she did. 

Shitastrophy writes back (in two rapid fire emails):

First Email:

I signed up for your emails hoping you would stop using profanity. You are a sad person. LOL

Second Email, 12 minutes later (still stewing on this):

If you actually gave zero "-----" you wouldn't take the time out of your day to respond to me pretending to be a professional. I will spread the word about you. 

I can also see that you have zero self-control, a lack of professionalism because you can't get over my email. So I blocked you. You're a sad person.

Apparently, Shitastrophy (who professes to be a Christian in her social profiles, BTW and can't take the fucking LOG out of her own eye...) doesn't want for me to respond back to her insipid emails. I should just sit back and take it.

For Shitastrophy and anyone else who may be fuzzy on if they belong in our community, or not... LISTEN THE FUCK UP.

I use profanity. Either you like it, you ignore it or it gets your fucking panties in a twist. If it's the last one, you don't belong here.

I am professional. If you can not discern the difference between being professional and using profanity, you don't belong here. I do excellent work. I show up and get results. I also cuss. Too very different fucking things.

I will respond to you if you email me with your bullshit and think you can be the troll of the year. I'm busy, but never too busy to set your ass straight. You, OBVIOUSLY, don't belong here.

I use profanity as a filter. If you get the vapors over my use of colorful language, you're focused on dumb shit. You've got tunnel vision and that's why you will fail at business. Good luck. And you obviously don't belong here either.

If you have an excuse as to why something won't work for you before you even try it, you don't belong here. The most successful people surround themselves with people who think differently. That's why they get better results than people who stick with the ass kissers. If you want me to kiss your ass, you don't belong here.

If you don't have the drive to build a business or the discipline (hint: building a successful business takes years, not months), then you don't belong here.

If you never invest in yourself, whether it be time to master something or money to accelerate your learning, you don't belong here.

If you think that the key to success lies with someone else tapping you for glory, you don't belong here.

Look, I've been accused of pretending to be someone else at times. I have been accused of being unprofessional a lot of times. I have been accused of being an asshole a lot of times. 

I have been an asshole a lot of times. BUT I have never pretended to be anyone else other than myself but I HAVE ALWAYS gotten my clients RESULTS that they can take to the motherfucking BANK.

  • You belong in our community if you're tired of the lame ass online strategies and you want real results.

  • You belong in our community if you want to have the freedom you deserve to live a life you've dreamt about.

  • You belong in our community if you love to see other people succeed because you know it will happen for you, too.

  • You belong in this community if you're tired of being told who you shouldn't be and want to finally live your life without a censor.

  • You belong in this community if you're tired of the same old shit and know you are the ONLY one who can decide that it is time to make a change and you're willing to commit to making the changes.

Business isn't some cake walk. We all have things in our life that seem like roadblocks. The roadblocks only exist in your mind. If you hang with me, I'm going to change the way you think and have you seeing the possibilities, not the limits.

Let's do this!