Marketing Ideas for Interior Designers To Get Local Clients


If you don't offer virtual interior design, you might be thinking that getting local interior design clients with your website is a joke. A 'bwahahaha' type of joke. But it's not. Stop laughing.

There's tons of ways to get interior design clients from an online search. AKA being smart about SEO for interior design. What? You didn't include SEO into your marketing mix? You totes should.

Your clients are looking for you right? The first place they'll probably find you is online through a search engine. When they fall in love with you, then they'll stalk you all over the web. In the meantime you need to make sure they find you.

Put on your power suit (the cape is optional) and let's get down to business.

#1: SEO On Your About Page

Instead of leaving the url of your About page as why don't you make it

#2: Blog About Your Projects

You know that kitchen remodel project you had in Dallas? Why don't you create a blog post and make sure to use the city throughout your post.

#3: SEO On Your Service Pages

Create service pages with the city you work in. Again, you need to sprinkle in your local area all over your website.

There one other thing that I need to tell you about SEO for Interior Designers.

It's like important to pick the right keyword. It won't do you any good to optimize your blog posts and pages for a term that ain't nobody searching for.

Example: don't optimize a blog post for the keywords: the totally awesome nursery. No one is searching for that. Think how your peeps would think when they are searching for the topic you're writing on.

If you're stumped on how to find and use keywords...