When Marketing Automation Makes You Look Like A Dummy


Marketing Automation + Dummies = No Sales

We're living in a time now where marketing automation tools are the hot thing. From software to Facebook bots, business owners are looking at these marketing automation tools to save them time and get them more sales. Left into inexperienced hands or people who just really don't get how business is done, it is a recipe for disaster and losing the sale forever.

Marketing Automation Isn't Naturally Smart

Recently someone got my email address, which is the holiest of the holies when it comes to getting access to a person. They stuck my email address into their marketing automation tool from hell and it went about as wrong as Johnny Depp's teeth.

>>>>>>> Someone emailed me first with this:

Hey Alycia,

I came across your account on Instagram and wanted to quickly reach out to you. 

I was wondering what you were currently doing to grow Alycia Wicker's social media accounts? Is there anything in particular that frustrates you about it? 

The reason I ask is because I run a company called XXXXXX and we specialize in helping busy Life & Business Coaches, bloggers, and professionals grow their social media accounts with 100% real, targeted users, who are interested in the type of content they post.

I’d love to set you up on a 10-day free trial so that you can experience it first hand with no risk on your end. 

Take a look at our website and let me know if you have any questions at all. 

You can also check out more of our testimonials and information on our homepage. 

Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you! :) 



>>>>>>> My Response:

Hey Someone,

I'm not interested.



>>>>>>> Someone's Response:

I don’t want to come across as a stalker (although it kinda seems so), but I really care for your answer…

Have you had time to read my previous message?

>>>>>>> My Response:

Hey Someone,

In my last email, I said I wasn't interested, so it's maybe not that you're coming off as a stalker but just not respectful of my response? I looked at your service and I'm not interested. 

My time is valuable and I am focused on in growing my business in other ways currently. I hope that you will take this message as intended, respectfully, that I am not interested and ask you to remove me from your list.

>>>>>>> Someone's Response:

We’re in a constant process of reviewing our relationships with potential users. Typically if I haven’t heard back from someone for more than 20 days it means they’re either really busy or aren’t that interested. If you aren`t interested, do I have your permission to close your tab in our system?

>>>>>>> My Response:


Your system sucks. Or you're dense. For the LAST TIME take me off your list and STOP emailing me, please.

"Someone's" marketing automation tool has been used incorrectly in this case.

What should have been a personal email, sent directly from their email address to me, was sent out by some system. Apparently, someone isn't getting my responses, either. Which is also bad for business.

Imagine if I was hot and bothered like Rob Kardashian gets for Blac Chyna? They would have missed out on that opportunity, too. 

Now, I as the prospect feel:

  • That no one is on the other side of the line

  • No one cares

  • I can now write back whatever the hell I want because no one is paying attention to it

  • The company can't be bothered to respond to me personally, so now I will assume this is also how their customer service is

  • I will never do business with them or even give them a mention to my clients

Marketing Automation Can Lighten Your Workload But Doesn't Replace You

As creative entrepreneurs, we have a lot on our plates when it comes to running our business online. You need to build your email list, create content, manage your projects usually as a one man band.

When the company gets big enough, you'll want to offload your workload and these marketing automation tools appear to be the perfect solution to avoid hiring an assistant. Except these fucking robots don't have the secret sauce that us humans have.

I'm all for having an autoresponder in place for you to grow that relationship with your clients once they sign up for your email list like I have with Mailerlite*. Your new prospects will love the value you're sharing with them, like a popular blog post you wrote a few years ago that is still awesome. Or even when your autoresponder sends out an email that does some market research for you by asking what your prospect is struggling with. Fabulous! 

Another marketing automation tool I'm all for is Buffer, to schedule the majority of your social media posts. A solopreneur will find it impossible to stay consistent on social media without a social media scheduling tool. This isn't to say that you should expect it to take your place when it comes to being "social" aka a human online. It just means that it's helping you get more done when boosting your visibility online. 

via https://medium.com/voicelandia/

via https://medium.com/voicelandia/

And then we come to the Facebook Messenger Bots. For some businesses, they may be a great compliment to your business. Let clients book a time with you? Buy your best-selling piece of art? Great.

When it gets to the more "complicated" questions, you're going to need to put a lot of time into programming your bot to answer so it doesn't reflect badly on your business. They aren't YOU, an intelligent human.

You need to figure out how much time will you really be saving by putting a bot into place, how much time it will take to set it up and is it really worth it to you?