10 No BS Ways To LOVE Blogging Again - No Really.

10 no bullshit ways to love blogging

You want to love blogging, but right now all you can think about is that it's basically the devil that drives you insane.

You've heard me tell you time and again how important blogging is to your business. It's how your peeps get to know you and show them that you are the ONLY one they should be working with.

However, if you've wasted time writing blog posts that nobody gives a shit about you're gonna find that blogging isn't helping your business like you thought it would. That changes today. I want you to love blogging like you love wine.

1. Write about what you know and love. Don't ever write a blog post because you saw Joni write something that went viral. That's the wrong motivation and you probably aren't that excited about what she wrote. Make a list of 5 things that you would love to write about in one column. In the other column make a list of 5 things that aren't related to what your business is about, but other things you enjoy.

For instance, In my first column, I would have blogging, websites, online marketing strategies, social media and business tips for creative entrepreneurs. In my second column, I would have design, celebrities, movies, music and pop culture. You can mix those two ideas together to get some fun ideas when you do this for your own blog.

2. Spiff your blog up. It is really hard to get inspired to write a blog post if your website looks like a hot mess. You won't want to show off your blog posts because they are on a sad looking website. If you're not a graphic guru, you can buy blog kits to spiff things up and you'll be inspired to fill up your blog with sweet, traffic-generating blog posts.

You will love blogging again when you see the incredible value it brings to your business

3. Commit to it. Even though you want to love blogging, you stay away from it like it's a D-List celebrity with herpes. That's the wrong approach. You need to schedule time every week to blogging. You will get better at it and you'll be able to see things turn around when it comes to bringing in targeted traffic. All without catching a case of the herps.

4. Get some goals. If you blog and you don't know what the focus of your blog is, nor why you're blogging you're never gonna love blogging. Make a goal to get on the first page of Google or to have one of your blog posts pins get repinned a million times.

To love blogging you need to love your business

5. You can be an inspiration. One of the most rewarding things that didn't originally occur to me when I started blogging is that I would inspire others. My sweet peeps read my posts and then email me to tell me how I'm inspiring them to go after their dreams. Imagine how you could inspire others to change their lives with your blog posts? Pretty damn cool.

6. Read stuff not related to your business. Every day I read my favorite celebrity gossip blogs. I can't get enough. I study the writing styles of those bloggers and catch myself finding a new technique. Or reading a blog post about how one of those Kardashians are doing something will inspire me to figure out how to relate it to business. You never know where your inspiration will come from, so going outside of your industry is crucial.

When you love blogging about your business, you'll find it hard to quit

7. Give yourself permission to do it on your terms. While it is important to have your epic blog posts (If you need more help with that, there's a blogging course inside the Society) that tell Mr. Google what your blog is about, you can start to go a little free-style when it comes to your blog. Maybe you add a personal category or you do a shorter blog post. When you have those core blog posts done, you can start to experiment and try some new blog post ideas on for size.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.