How To Launch Your Design Blog (Without Losing Your Effing Mind)

launch your design blog

It's just so damn overwhelming when it comes time to launch your design blog. It feels like all of the eyes of the world on you and your website. Talk about overwhelming. 

I don't want you to do what I did which was flail and make a shit ton of mistakes along the way. I wanted to come off so professional and smart. To prove that I was worthy to be a design blogger. If you're feeling that way, let those thoughts go straight into the shit can. 

Because we're creatives we want to prove to the world that we know what we're talking about. Which then leads to writing boring ass blog posts. Posts so stale that we can't even be bothered to share them.

Before we go into the nitty gritty, I want to implore you to write in your voice. Say what you want to say and in the way you want to say it. Say it like you're talking to your friend.

One more thing, not all eyes are really watching you intently waiting for you to launch your design blog. Maybe your mom and BFF are. Beyond that, do not feel that this is your one shot and if you mess up the world will collectively laugh at you. Take some pressure off of yourself. 

What you need in place before you launch your design blog

Your Virtual Pad

ou can start blogging on a website like Medium or some other freebie website if you want to get the feel of it. But don't make that your end goal. You will want to buy a domain and a website to set up your permanent home online. I suggest Bluehost if you're going with a Wordpress website. And if you want to go the Squarespace route you can get a domain through them when you create an account with them.

Longtail Keywords 

Do some research on the keywords you want to use for your blog posts. The advice says it takes 6+ months for your Search Engine Optimization efforts to start taking effect. So while you're getting into your blogging groove it's good to get in the habit of finding keywords for your blog. If you don't know how to research for your own keywords join me in the Society and I'll show you how.

What to have ready to launch your design blog

Publish Five Design Blog Posts

When you launch your design blog publish five blog posts. Five posts that cover the topics you want to cover that will give them an idea of what's to come so they want to keep you on their radar. Plus having five posts on your blog will give your visitors a good feel for your vibe and what

Schedule Five Design Blog Posts

When you launch your design blog you'll probably be totally spent emotionally for a little bit. That means coming up with the next posts could bring you with another bout of overwhelm which for me, led to procrastination. You don't want this to happen to you, so schedule 5 posts to go out weekly after you launch. That'll give you enough time to see how you feel about the direction your blog is taking.

Brainstorm 20 More Design Blog Posts

Do some research and come up with 20 more blog posts you can write about. These 20 ideas, along with what you've already written, will take you through 6 months of blogging. 

I like to create a draft blog post for each of my posts so it's sitting there just waiting for me when it's time for blogging. 

The thought of launching your design blog might be overwhelming along with everything else you're launching right now. Take a deep breath and know that you can't do everything at once. It's a process I want you to enjoy (even when it gets hard). These days, while they may seem super hard, will some of the best days you'll look back on.

This month in the Society you can get on track with launching your design blog and your design business.

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