Interior Designers Using Social Media The Wrong Way

how to not be there interior designer that sucks at social media

There are so many interior designers using social media in the wrong way.

I get it, they don't teach this in college.

A lot of times I see interior designers using social media like their Facebook Page is to just post a link to their design services page. No one cares. When they need your help they will hire you, but at this point you're trying to get them to hop into bed on the first date. That doesn't work.

Social media is a tool to help you build brand awareness, to get traffic to your website and to get clients.

The main way that interior designers must use social media is to give a ton of helpful (and free) advice.

Imagine you see Ramona need help organizing her family room. She has a three kids at home, they have buttloads of toys and while she loves their messes (sorta) she would still love to be able to organize their toys. She wants to be able to entertain friends and family and not have to guest sprain their ankles on those dastardly Legos.

Pimp as appropriate, not to force your services on someone.

When you hang out where Ramona is hanging out online (like Pinterest) you need to show up there with an image that gets her attention. You are meeting Ramona where she is looking for a solution to her problem. Remember you have the solution to her problem. Not 85 solutions, just one solution (*cough* that's why you've got a niche for your business and you're not a generalist in the field of interior design).

Maybe Ramona is in a Facebook group looking for help. You can kindly share a blog post you've written with her.

"Hey Ramona, I wrote a blog post that should help you with finding home organization ideas for your family room here: *insert link to your blog post*"

This is why you must write content for your blog, make it related to what your client is searching for on Google and be there to share it with them as the opportunities present themselves.

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.