When Your Design Business Is More FML Than LML + How To Change That


If you're not familiar with FML let me introduce you to this acronym that means "Fuck My Life" to most everyone on the planet. If you're like me, you probably had to Google this. I can't keep up with all of the acronyms. My brain is still hanging on to the numeric codes we used in pagers. 

If you are feeling that your life and more specifically that your design business is falling into the FML territory I wanna help you fix that. 

During a Society Cocktail Hour, we talked about how there are so many pressures that affect how we show up in the world. Those pressures come from us:

A) wanting to be liked, not feeling like we have anything good to share, or afraid to show up

B) wanting to get work and,

C) taking suggestions on what will help us to stay in the LML ("Love My Life") lane most of the time. 

Here's the good news.  If something (whether it's using Instagram to grow your visibility or offering eDesign) doesn't resonate with you, skip it and move on. 

Your Business Means Your Rules

This is your business and life, Love. If someone told you that you HAVE to be on Instagram and you hate Instagram, then why in the hell would you choose to torment yourself? 

There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.

Business is business. However...

  • How you earn revenue is up to you.

  • How you grow your brand awareness, is up to you.

  • How you work with clients is up to you.

Because it is always up to you, you'll find yourself overwhelmed and usually find yourself a spot on the merry-go-round of indecision. That's so no bueno. 

Take a minute, figure out what are the marketing tasks that you (or kinda) enjoy doing and become the master of that. We've been trained to believe that there is only one way to market our businesses and that we must follow someone's "fool-proof" plan. 

But there is one key ingredient that most everybody leaves out of their marketing. 


I could tell Jane that she needs to write 4 blog posts a month and pin them on Pinterest. Jane could be sharing content that's about as exciting as listening to Kourtney Kardashian say "yeah" all day. 

If you can't find an interesting take on a subject or the subject bores you, it will bore your audience. You need to step away from the idea that you have to play it safe when it comes to marketing your interior design business. Know why?

A shit ton of interior designers already market their business in a safe way. They create content no one gives a shit about. Put some of your personality into what you're creating so that you'll actually like doing it and your peeps will actually want it. 

We're all thoroughly tired of seeing the same tired thoughts on interior design. Now is your time to shake things up with what you really think about it all.