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If you're thinking about an interior designer rebrand, I've got tips for you to make sure you don't miss a single thing during the process. Your interior designer brand is directly tied to your bank account. Years ago you could get by with a janky looking website, some whatever colors and just have excellent content. It isn't enough. Especially if you want to attract awesome clients.

I rebranded my business because the business I started years ago isn't that same business anymore.

I started this company as Mupplebee with my husband. It was a business to create graphics and websites for interior designers. My husband was the mover of the websites (that shit ain't my forte) and I was the self-taught designer.

My business started to evolve.

And I think it's important for you to know that even if your niche isn't clearly defined right now, it will get more defined as you work with more and more clients.

For me, clients weren't asking for websites as much as they were asking for me to give them advice about their interior design business. Here I was thinking that being an interior designer who created these online presences for fellow interior designers was where I should be with my business. #wrong (That's why you have to solve the right problem that people will pay for.)

As I did more coaching sessions with my clients, I realized that while websites are really important, guidance is what they needed from me.

Also during this time I really found my voice, but if you knew my husband my voice isn't his voice. I didn't want to be the voice of the business while my husband was a part of it, I thought it would have both of our voices. But, that didn't happen.

So as I found my voice and the business became more about me, there was a disconnect.

You would see this cute name "Mupplebee" (inspired by our first pup) and here I was talking about A-hole clients. Um, what?

I'd always been attracted to cutesy stuff (and still am), but having a brand where the visuals and your words align is where it's at. But if you were like me, getting outside of yourself to take an objective look is sooo hard.

The epiphany came -then I made the switch. I had just gotten new professional photos that were more me. My voice was already dialed in. It's just the business name and graphics just weren't aligned with me and my future.

Within 4 days, I hauled ass to get it done. I don't expect you to do it as quickly, but if you are ready to rebrand here are some tips to remember.

Tips For A Name Change Interior Designer Rebrand

Tip #1

Get your ducks in a row. If you need to re-file your DBA, change the name on your bank account, change email addresses, etc. get that process going. That doesn't happen overnight.

Tip #2

Buy your new domain name. If you are going to be selling directly from your website and using Stripe to collect payments, get your dedicated IP and SSL certificate (so you see that lil lock icon in your browser window and customers know their credit card info is safe). That takes about a day. If you're using PayPal, you are using their SSL certificate and don't need one for your website.

Tip #3

Do a permanent redirect of your old website to your new website. This will help you keep most of your link juice (aka your SEO work doesn't go to waste). It takes between 24-48 hours for the interwebs to all get the notice so don't shit yourself if it doesn't take effect right away.

Tip #4

Go through all of your social media accounts and make sure you have put in your new website address as well as change the details so everything stays consistent. 

Tip #5

Make sure your branding is kickass. Don't go through this entire process for no good reason. If you're not upping your business, your graphics, your professional photos, your services to the next level  - a domain and rebrand isn't going to help.

Look at your interior designer rebrand efforts as a way to align where you want to take your business. My business has completely changed and the changes wouldn't align with what my business was. Plus, looking down the road a few years - this is going to be more about a community than myself. For you, it could just be all about you. Look at the big picture before you go through the process.

Now, if you're keeping your name and not creating an entirely new thing - this process is ten times easier.

Tips For A Graphics Interior Designer Rebrand

When you just need to up your graphics so your can get higher fees and attract those dream clients, things are a whole lot easier.

Graphics Tip #1

Select the right color palette and make sure you document all the colors (aka the Hex Color Codes) so you use them on all of your marketing materials and your website for a consistent look.

Graphics Tip #2

Pick the right fonts. An interior design brand that commands big money isn't using cutesy fonts, it's using classic fonts. Make sure you select fonts that go well together like a serif and san serif font.

Graphics Tip #3

While your logo isn't your brand (and not a necessity if you're first starting out) it must be timeless. Creating cartoony pictures of furniture and pairing it with teenage girl fonts is the quickest way to tell your clients you're cheap.

Graphics Tip #4

Create a batch of marketing images that you can use. You'll need new pictures for your website, your social media platforms, etc. I like to batch create my images so I'm not taking time out of my business every day to come up with something new.

Graphics Tip #5

Let your audience in on the big reveal. They are sure to be excited to be apart of your next step in your business journey.

If you're not sure how to create a graphically beautiful interior design website that attracts your dream clients, check out the Design Your Website course.

It will help you develop a website that gets you taken seriously by your family, friends and more importantly – clients. Plus your clients will be pegging you as an expert as soon as they land on your website. Booyah!

Alycia Wicker

Alycia Wicker is an interior design business coach specializing in helping soulful interior designers attract clients with clever marketing strategies. Celebrity gossip whore.