7 Pinterest Tips Every Interior Designer Should Know


Are you doing the Pinterest thing?

If you're not, you might want to reconsider.

This is what I learned this week, where you put your attention, the results come.

This last week I made a couple pins and had some pretty good results on Pinterest. And, no. It didn't take me 900 hours.

Your clients are probably on Pinterest. Right this minute. Looking for decorating tips. You do something with decorating, right?

Your clients are there, waiting for you. So what have you done for them lately?

Here's what I did, recently.

I know you are looking for tips on how to build your interior design business, and some of you are interested in building your Design businesses. So I created a couple pins to bring some traffic to my website and to build my email list.

This is a pin I made to bring some traffic to my site. I already had created a "resource" page on my website with links to my most popular blog posts and tools I heart. So I simply uploaded the pin and redirected it back to my site.

This is a pin I made with a review of my free eBook that I use to build my email list. The link on the pin leads directly back to the page I have the email list sign up form on.

Oh, and did I mention I made these all on Canva. No Photoshop needed. They have lots of templates you can pick from there, including a Pinterest template.

7 Pinterest Tips

  1. Complete your profile and make sure you include in it that you are an "interior designer". This will help you when people are looking for "real designer tips".

  2. What does your dream client pin on Pinterest? Maybe she's into entertaining... then create a board for her with all the best entertaining tips. What? I know. It's not technically decorating tips but it is something she's interested in, so hop to it.

  3. Create a board of your best design tips - and just your tips alone. These could be your blog posts. Make sure they link back to your blog post.

  4. Don't go on a pinning spree. While I used to be in love with ViralTag for scheduling pins, but it's price shot up too high so I'm back to pinning manually. Which means I can only pin a few things at a time or people will unfollow me.

  5. Comment on pins, others on Pinterest will see it and if you're leaving great comments they will check you out.

  6. Create mini tutorials on your pins. A step by step pin will make your dream client very happy.

  7. Install the "Pin It" button on your site to make it easy for peeps to pin your stuff and get your site out into the Pinterest World.

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One more thing. Let me share this pin with you.

Paint Color Palette

Paint Color Palette

This pin has been repinned over 1430 times as of today.

I uploaded it two years ago for my design biz. You can totally do this for your design business. Come up with your favorite paint palettes. I created this in Studio (hello! design and marketing tool all in one?! holla!) which has the cute little paint blobby things premade that you can color any color using swatches from the paint manufacturers website. I think I made about half a dozen of these different color palettes and it was totes easy.

I'm no rocket scientist, but if you could get lots more traffic to your interior design business using this one simple pin, wouldn't you try it?