Is Your "Interior Designer Personality" Boring?

interior-designer-personality (1).png

I had one too many Sidecars. I was on fire.

I find that alcohol makes me feel like a filter has been taken off.

My husband and I were sitting on the Queen Mary celebrating our anniversary and I was being louder than necessary. But I didn't care. And even when I'm not drunk, I don't care if I'm too loud.

Across the way there was a group of women dining together.

I told my husband that those women would be lucky if I sat down with them because I was so entertaining that they would be laughing their collective asses off.

I don't know if they heard me or not. And I didn't care.

I know I'm entertaining. I know I am funny. I know they would have had a great time.

Before we left, I was standing at the check in desk. I saw a picture of Winston Churchill and some woman.

I asked "Who's that bitch?"

The lady at the desk chuckled quietly. I knew she wanted to laugh but was afraid her supervisor would be dismayed. (I know I'm a lot to take.)

She told me it was Churchill's wife.

I said Churchill's wife looked pissy.

And that's how I roll.

People know that I speak my mind and don't hold back.

And that's why you love me. There's was no ill will behind what I said, just me being me. 365 days of the year.

That's why each and every time I get on the phone with someone they tell me they feel like they know me.

You know I'm not afraid to say what others won't.

You know that I give it to you straight.

There is no "Professional Alycia" (there never really was one of those) or "Fun Alycia". You get what you see.

And I know that I'm not for everyone. And that is okay.

It took me a long time to accept that.

It took me a long time to recognize that being 'me' is okay.

It took me a long time to realize that more often than not, people appreciate my honesty and who I am.

It took me a long time to step into my own skin and be comfortable and not care if someone doesn't dig me.

The typical "interior designer personality" is boring as fuck. You picture someone who is a know-it-all snob. Generally. The ones who stand out? They kick that "interior designer personality" to the curb, step on it and keep on walking.

Are you being real? Are you saying what's in your head?

Don't worry about that invisible hater you dreamt up. Don't worry about what your mom would say. Don't worry about what that stranger across the room would think.

I guarantee you that you will have more fun than you can ever imagine if you just took a page out of my book and started saying what you really feel.

Tell me in the comments, what's holding you back from sharing? Now is your time to conquer your fear.