The Interior Designer's About Page Formula


Your About Page is like the most important page on your interior design website.

And you can't afford to have it read like your professional biography. No, really. I know the name of it says "About" and most interior designer's think this is their opportunity to talk ABOUT themselves. Sorry, cholita, you gotta rethink the entire thing.

Your About page allows readers to quickly figure out if you're possibly a match made in heaven. This is your big opportunity to win them over and either get yourself a potential client or lose them forever. Sounds dramatic, huh?

1. Tell your visitors why they want to hang out on your site and stay connected to you in a headline at the top of the page.

Pop in an awesome headline that tells your readers what is in it for them to hang with you. Which means for you that you need to tell them exactly what you are going to do for them, them being your ideal client, not every person on the face of this earth.

Don't put: I help you create family friendly rooms. <--#lame

Do put: Tired of wasting your weekends on Pinterest trying to pull together a room that your young family can enjoy (and that's also toddler proof?)


2. Add some text to clarify your opening headline. Really make sure that they know they are in the right place.

If you're a mom trying to juggle it all, create a nice home for your family that is toddler proof and still beautiful enough to entertain friends, you're in the right place.

Here's what I know:

You're time is valuable and staying home with your kids is a full-time j.o.b.

I also know that you're tired of scanning Pinterest for ideas on how you want your home to look in between naps and cleaning up spilled Cheerios for the 15th time today.

I'm here to help you calm the chaos by using my mad design skills in working with young families like yours to create a safe, easy to maintain and beautiful spaces that won't leave you ashamed to have family pics shot in.


3. Tell them where you're coming from... not your entire life story.

Look, I've been where you are. When my kids were young (and so damn trying fun) I remember thinking that I could totally steal a little time for myself to work on those projects I had on my to-do list in between the diaper changes, the spilled Gerber's meals, naps and letting the kids veg out watching that annoying little brat "Caillou" on TV. Except those projects turned into wishes that never came true.

I thought I could totally be that super mom, like Claire Huxtable... have a beautiful home, keep the kids in line and look fabulous all the time as I worked. Ha ha, pipe dream! Really, to get those dreams turned into reality I had to reach out and get help. I felt like a total failure asking for help on something I thought I should be able to do on my own.

And yes, even though I can decorate my own home, I'm no super mom, not by a long shot. So allow me to help you get this one important part of your to-do list off the list and create spaces for you that help you go from "ARRGGH!" to "Ahhhhhh."


4. Ask them to K.I.T.

By now, you should have made a great connection with your dream clients, so make sure they K.I.T. (keep in touch? 'member from school yearbooks?) Add the sign-up form for your email list next.


5. Show them the proof

Now is the time to sprinkle in a couple of testimonials from your happy clients. You don't need to include the entire testimonial, but edit it down so it really packs a punch for the dream clients you're trying to woo.


6. NOW you can tell them about you, but only a lil bit (aka this ain't a novel)

For example: I've spent over 20 years designing beautiful and functional interiors for young families.

After creating my game changing secret formula to creating the most functional and beautiful kid-proof family spaces, I really focused in doing what I do best (and love): Family Friendly Interiors

Really, I get how messy a family can be. I know that storage, easy to clean and function are the biggest things that need to be dressed but you don't want to lose the "House Beautiful" look in the process. I'd love to help you create a space you can enjoy for years (and not have to keep Johnny locks in his pack n play till he's 18).