The Big Question: or


Every small business owner out there should have a professional website. I'm now using Squarespace, but I have been a Wordpress chica. And by a Wordpress website, I mean the “dot org” version. will not satisfy everyone’s business needs. Period.

It’s like renting or buying a house.

You know that when you rent a home, you are limited in what you can do, no matter your funds. When you buy a house, you are usually only limited by your funds.

And if you are a small business owner, you really shouldn’t even be considering to being with. Unless you like wasting time building things. Harsh? You see for yourself.


Let’s think this through. Why would I build something for my business that I don’t own?

It’s like renting a house.

You really want to paint the walls in hot pink and add glitter, but all you really can do is paint the walls pink. They don’t have the “glitter” option with Or at least not the glitter you want. You know that special imported glitter. This is equivalent to choosing your themes, or the look, layout and design of your website. You are limited.

You invite people over, but you know one day you’ll have to move and your friends have to change their address book. Because you are building an amazeballs business you will be sharing amazing things on your website, right? So then you are bringing traffic to a domain you don’t own. Who owns it? So really you are bringing traffic to them. You aren’t building your brand up with your domain name because it will be ‘’ (Oh, yeah, you could buy a domain from them, but let’s not even go there. Whole ‘nother PIA of changing DNS settings.)

So, stay with me, when you see that you are outgrowing your site, what are you going to do? Move. And have to tell everyone to follow you over to your new place. Le sigh.

You wanted to get add that under cabinet lighting, but the landlord won’t let you. Same with They don’t allow you to add all the hot plugins that make your website a real powerhouse. Really. I see your sad face.

Parties must end at 10 pm. Yes, mister. Or Missus. Your party must end at 10 pm and lights out at 11 pm. What? Yes, you have to obey their Terms of Service, their rules. And if you don’t, you’re going to get evicted. Now, I don’t know how often they do that and for what, ’cause isn’t even where you want to be. *snap*

But being a homeowner cost money :(. * stomps feet* Yes it does, baby. And being a homeowner feels wonderful. You want to buy your own home on the web. Trust me. It makes no sense whatsoever to start something magnificent in a “rental” only to have to lost a lot of your time, effort and energy on something that isn’t completely yours.

So here’s your game plan, as I see it, because I don’t want you to waste a drop of your creative life blood.

  1. Never ever, ever get started with (and if you already did take on a “rental” at then think about moving on up to the 'dot org' version)

  2. Figure out when you want to starting building your home “move into your own place”.

  3. Design a virtual pad that your clients won't ever want to leave.

And one last thing... I used to be on Wordpress for years. And now here I am on Squarespace. It's so much easier to use (no coding is necessary) to make a beautiful website. If you'd like to go with Squarespace, I've created a Squarespace video course for you where I walk you step by step and we create your website together. You're gonna love it!