Interior Design Website Tips You Can Learn From Tiffany's

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You might think that just any website design will work for your interior design business, but if you’ve ever been into a Tiffany’s store you know that a design used for another store would be a mortal sin if used in Tiffany’s. Let’s look at how you can get some interior design website tips from Tiffany’s so you can create an experience on your website.

Handcrafted Bliss

When you visit a Tiffany’s store you see clearly that they do not skimp when it comes to decor. They want you to see and appreciate the craftsmanship. When you see the attention to detail they pay to the store’s interior you can only imagine how perfectly handcrafted your jewelry will be. Almost like it was meant for you.

Tiffany opened a store in Manhattan that had multiple styles of interiors that were allowed to design with precious materials. One artist created a design with inlaid mother-of-pearl magnolias in the walls. It makes you think about how much time it took to create such a beautiful design and you appreciate it.

Tiffany’s interior is all about designing an experience to sell a product the minute you walk in their door.Tiffany’s want their clients to be enchanted. And that’s what these interiors do.

Their jewelry counters are sleek and a simple backdrop to their jewels is a crisp and clean white. Their counters allow the clientele to focus on the jewelry. Allowing clients to see each hand crafted detail in the fine jewelry and be dazzled by the glitzy jewels.

Does your website tell your customer that you care about them?

You create beautiful spaces already, now you just need to make sure your website needs to be a reflection of who you are and what you value. If you sell high end interior design services, your website needs to reflect that. If you sell interior design services for families for everyday life then a completely custom website might not be the best investment and something where customizing a theme is the best solution. You don’t want to overbuild your website for your interior design business.

Overall Colors and Graphics

Your website all over colors and graphics will be seen as the backdrop to your customer’s experience. Your pages are the various interior spaces that house the different interactions that you and your client will have.

Offers Presentation

How you present your services and products is akin to Tiffany’s jewelry counters. Your offers need be presently clearly and easy to understand. If Tiffany’s was to display their jewelry in a haphazard thrift store way I’d wouldn’t expect to pay too much and that more than likely those treasures I'd be checking out would be crap.

Interior Design Website Tip #3: Service is Key

No one would dare yell to get attention at Tiffany’s because someone is always nearby to make sure every client’s need is attended to. Your website needs to let your client’s know who you are, how you can help and how to get a hold of you (and when they can expect to hear back from you).

When you website conveys that you care about your client, they will know that they have landed on a website of quality.