How to know when your interior design website needs a makeover


What? What be wrong with the ghetto fabulous website I gots going on in he-are?

*insert two snaps up*

Gosh. I may have dated myself there. Moving on.

What are the signs that you need a new website? Maybe you aren't sure it is worth the expense?

Website design seems like an awfully expensive thing to shell out money for. I'm sure you would rather shell out money on some new MacBook or iPad. Or at least I would.

I will give you the symptoms of a crappy website. See if anything rings a bell.

1. It's ugly.

If you avoid looking at your website, or you send people to your website and they want to avoid talking to you it might be a sign that your website if fugly. People don't like ugly websites. Or ugly babies. And you know how when you see an ugly baby but you can't say it because the mom is right there. Same idea. If your website is equivalent to an ugly baby it needs a makeover.

2. You can't update it yourself.

If you have to email or call the web developer who created your website and tell them what updates you need made on your website each and every time, that's no bueno. You can totally update your website all by yourself (if you get a Wordpress website). And let's be honest, those web developers holding onto your old website design are screwing you by making bank on simple updates. They aren't doing you any favors.

3. You have more than one website.

If you have one website for your business, one website for your blog, one website for your portfolio, one website for your left foot and one website for your right foot you might as well turn yourself around and bend over. You're screwing yourself out of time. I don't know about you but time is my most valuable resource. Updating multiple websites also kills your audience numbers. People will not stalk you all over the internet, generally.

4. It doesn't work for you.

Can someone fill out a form and email you? Can someone schedule an appointment? Can someone fill out a questionnaire? Can someone buy your stuff?

5. Shiz is broken.

If someone comes to your site and they click on a page and it's all jacked up how does that reflect on you? First, they (your client/friend/stalker) may think there's a temporary glitch and come back. IF they come back and shiz is still broken, they will think you suck. And I am sure you don't suck. But your website says differently.

"If your website is equivalent to an ugly baby it needs a makeover."

6. You changed.

Or it may simply be a case of your brand has changed. Are you a different type of business owner than when your website was first created? Have you embraced a new design style? Do you now offer new eDesign services? Would someone know that by looking at your website?

7. Two.

If it has been two years you may want to consider a change. When you grow, so do your revenues and you should be able to handle an update financially.  And if you aren't moving forward in your business after two years, we may have bigger problems to address.

8. Business is slow.

Maybe your website is confusing? People don't know where to click, what to buy or even how to contact you.

interior designer website

What now?

If you found more than a handful of those symptoms applied to you, start working on a solution.

  1. Make it a priority. Write it down.

  2. Budget for it. Get your business funds in order.

  3. Plan for it in terms of what it must have So it works for you by bringing you clients.

  4. Design Yourself A Squarespace Website