Stop selling interior design services and start selling solutions

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Let me guess, you're looking for specific interior design tips to help you sell your services. All you want to do is sell interior design services and no one is buying. So, another week has passed you by and you don't have another dime in your bank account to prove to yourself that you're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing in this life.

No one is buying

Do you feel like you've just been served a shit sandwich and you're about ready to pull the plug on your interior design business? Let's look at why when you're selling interior design services you're doing it wrong.

You're doing it wrong

Step into your clients shoes and prove you know what they want. While most clients come to you wanting you to design a home that makes their friends and family jaws drop, they need you to help them get to the "buy now" button by proving you know what they are feeling.

They will buy when you "get" them

If your client needs to help to put a room together they want to be able to justify it. We know that design isn't a necessity for most people, it's a luxury so you need to convince them it's okay to buy.

For instance if you want to convince your client that she deserves a new design think about why she's coming to you. This was the intro to one of my old eDesign services sales pages.

Maybe your kid just turned five. Maybe you’re ready to rent like you own the place, and you want a design that moves with you. Maybe you just want to feel right at home when you’re at home. Other people have nice things. And you can have them, too–without spending as much as they did. But looking like you spent more.

Oh, yes! Don't you think your client is going to starting nodding their head because you just showed them you know what they are thinking? And that's the first step.

When you immediately catch their attention and show you get them, they are ready to listen. When you've got their ear, you have the opportunity to close the sale.

Here's how to "get" them:

1. Create a service, that you want to offer, that solves their problem. People start looking for design services when an event prompts them. So what's happening in your client's lives that you can help them with? Are their in-laws coming to town? Are they new empty nesters? Did they just find out that their expecting their first child? Dig deep, and brainstorm ideas. (And make sure you're aren't creating a service just to make money, make sure you really want to do this service.)

2. Write a sales page that tells a story. When you start to write this sales page, write it like a diary entry your clients would be experiencing.

Dear Diary,

I'm so in knots, John just told me his in-laws are coming for a visit! Dammit! His mother already thinks I'm the devil incarnate who stole her little boy. Every time she comes over she sneers as she checks out our home like she just stepped into a Motel 6. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to do? I'm his wife, not fucking Jeff Lewis. I was born knowing how to decorate the perfect home!

How much more weight will your sales page carry with her instead of the boring one you've got now?

3. Sell it. Did you just shudder? I know selling your services makes this all seem so dirty, but you need to share this, i.e. share this with the woman who needs it. Or man, depending on who is telling the story to themselves. Sales is all about sharing and when you change the way you frame it, it becomes easier to sell.

One thing is for sure:

People are excited to spend money on a luxury when they know you get what they are going through. They automatically place you in a different category of interior designers.