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I think it is an age old question interior designers search the internet for. Interior designer software. Which one is the best? Which one is cute? Wanna draw like a superstar? Need it to be easy to learn? Want it to be super cute and impressive looking to your clients? Look no further... your answer for interior design software is Minutes Matters Studio. I have received so many compliments (and inquiries from other designers wondering what I use) from clients that I know I have picked the right solution for my interior design business.

It is not the cheapest solution out there, but the one I love. I can tell you I have made back my investment many times over on this software. And if there is any time where you want your clients to know you are a professional interior designer, this is a way to tell them without saying a word.

Studio Minutes Matter Space Plan

Studio Minutes Matter Space Plan

This is a space plan you can create with their Space Planning Module:

You can create elevations and even insert furniture images from the store you are shopping from or use pieces of furniture they have drawn and you can stick them in without having to be an advanced user.  But if you take their training (or figure it out on your own, which really it isn’t hard) you could create something like I did here…

Interior Designer Software Elevation

Interior Designer Software Elevation

You see, there are lots of designers out there doing what you are doing. These same designers haven't invested in themselves by buying professional tools. They are either doing sketches by hand (which is fine if you have mad drawing skills, but most don't and it looks like my 7 year old drew it) or they are using some free tool online incorrectly making it look like a cheap design bought from a novice.

Here's some more designs I did with Studio... look at the possibilities.

This was a picture I took of the model home. My clients were getting the same floorplan.


I took that photo and designed right on top of it to make it just how my client wanted it.


Put yourself in your client's shoes. Would you pay top dollar for janky drawings and mood boards?

I have mad amounts of love for the Studio program and their company, so make sure to check it out. They also have the option to buy the "Quickbooks and Quoting" which really streamlined my billing.

Update Aug 2015: Since I have switched to using a Mac, I did try out Minutes Matter Studio software on it. To use Minutes Matters on a Mac you need to run Parallels (a virtual software). For me, I found it difficult to integrate my swatches and images and would recommend you try a free trial on your Mac. I recommend Minutes Matter Studio if you're a full time PC user.

If you're looking for an alternative, for Mac, you may want to check out this post about another interior design software idea.

Also, if you're interested in project management, mood boards and selling design pacakges online, you need to check out Mydoma

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