Interior Design Services to Offer Your e-Decorating Clients

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interior design services to offer

When I first started my online interior design business I was trying to figure out just what I could offer my clients.

Then I realized offering too many things is not a good thing either. But I find it is always good to make a list of possible services, see which ones make your heart flutter and will make you happy to do them for your clients.

Those are the ones that will be the sweet spot between you and your interior design business.

Here is a list of some interior design services ideas you could offer your e-decorating clients...

Paint Colors

Create a paint color palette for one room or an entire home. You could make it even better by coming at the color selections in terms of the color psychology benefits for your client. Oooh, fun!

Space Plan

You could give them feedback on their current layout or design a completely space.


living room

This could be a part of a more in depth package or you could offer to do a rendering on top of a photo that they submit to you to inspire their DIY design. I love using Minutes Matters to do this type of work since Photoshop drives me batshit crazy.

Mood Boards

A mood board also can be a part of a larger package or you could create a mood board to inspire the DIYer.

Shopping Lists

You could pair a shopping list with a mood board to get the DIYer pointed in the right direction or even as a package to help them put the finishing touches on a space.

Window Treatment Ideas

When someone is ready to go beyond basic boring windows, have them send you a photo and you can show them the possibilities. I also love using Minutes Matters to show them how the transformation is going to pan out.

To Do Lists

A To Do list is something that should be included with every eDesign package. It is something you can create once and add to every project. Giving your client the step-by-step list to pulling together their room is going to be extremely helpful.

Back to School Dorm Design

Create a few pre-made (or custom) mood board and shopping list combo design package for the college-bound student.

edesign service idea

Room Review

Sell a service where someone can send in a photo of their room and you'll give them a set number of tips or products to help them improve their room.

Personal Shopping

Sell a block of time to source out the five perfect items for a room complete with a shopping list and mood board.

There are a lot of different eDesign design packages and services you can offer your clients. Focus on the result of the service when you name your package. Then make sure to create some content around the service so you can promote it in multiple ways online. Need more help? Join the Society.

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