Stop being professional and start being real

interior-design-personality (1).png

Is your interior design personality real or professional?

I find that sometimes when people get a new website it's much like them finding themselves in a v-8 stick-shift car from London and the driving wheel is on the wrong side of the car (for my clients across the pond, just reverse this thought).

It's like, yeah, I have this vehicle to get me where I'm going but first you need to engage the motor to get going somewhere. Anywhere instead of being stuck in neutral at a green light that seems to be mocking you.

Your feet end up doing a clumsy dance tangling with the pedals and your heart begins to race as you look around hoping that people will stop laughing (even though you don't see anyone laughing). As your heart begins to race faster and faster, you wonder if you should just give up and wait for someone to come to your rescue.

We aren't going to do that.

You, my darling are going to calm the fuck down and collect yourself. When you start to realize how much power you have access to with your new virtual pad it can become overwhelming. You need to start with owning this one fact.

Be Yourself.

While you have this beefy V-8 with all the power in the world that you will ever need, don't drive it like a fucking grandma if you aren't one and conversely don't drive it like Mario Andretti if you're scared shitless of driving like a bad ass.

Same way online. Your personal style in terms of the content you're sharing must be totally you. Not that lady over there with the bouffant, and certainly not that chick wearing the emo glasses that told you that you must be "this way" online.

Remember the #26Truths - #11 Be Original is what you need to stick with at all times.

Yeah, yeah original, how do I do that?

May I be trite... Find your voice.

Allow me to explain. You talk a certain way that makes your interior design personality unique. Your real voice would never sound like a term paper for design school.

"A mirror will always look great in a foyer."


"If you want a piece that is functional so you can make sure your lips look as ravishing as Angelina Jolie's and your foyer and timeless as the movie "Casa Blanca" then you'll want to check out this Donnabella Mirror from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams."

Paint pictures for your clients with words so that they can see your imagination coming through in your writing. Even if they hate Angelina Jolie you'll prove to them that you have something you aren't afraid to share.