12 Interior Design Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Your Business

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Interior design marketing wasn't even on the syllabus at my college. It was more focused on working for da man. Which as a young person, I can see the value. Except me and da man never really got along. In college, I had a project to create a bed and breakfast project in one of my classes. I really had tuned into my true self. I was determined to design a project I loved and to hell with the critics.

I created a bed and breakfast called "Devil's Den". A Haunted Mansion type of place, complete with a pentagram, flames and a spider webs. It was the late 90s and it was something my classmates and I would have totally went to. Okay, not the dorky classmates.

The day I had to present my project, I brought my stereo and played White Zombie music as I presented it wearing my cut off shorts, black tights and Doc Martens. I couldn't have felt more bad ass or more alive.

The teacher was not impressed. He asked the class what they thought, and to my surprise they embraced it... Or maybe it was me. Either way, I finally felt the awesomeness of doing what I loved and getting the response from my peers by designing something we'd all love to go to.

In my business I attract like-minded bad ass interior designers who are bound and determined to make their mark on the world. I can't follow someone else's interior design marketing plan because it's not tailored for my clients.

When I finally figured out how I wanted to connect with like-minded designers, and tuned into what they want, marketing was way less taxing.

It's a crucial skill you have to master to get traction for your design business, but it's not something you can master overnight. While, I searched for the magic bullet solution, there isn't one. This is a lifelong skill you must dedicate yourself to mastering, but only after you know who you want to work with.

If you want to design interiors for rock stars, you're not going to also market to the mom at home with a couple young children. These two different groups don't have the same interests, lifestyle or worldview.

If you need some help with figuring out who you need to target with your interior design marketing...

Once you've nailed who your target is, get inside their head all your marketing becomes a whole lot easier. You're not sprayin' and prayin' your message gets where it needs to go anymore.

Without further ado here's:

12 Interior Design Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Your Business

  1. Define or Revisit Your Dream Client persona

  2. Make a calendar on Google to schedule your marketing duties

  3. Feature a client's project on your website

  4. Send out handwritten thank you notes

  5. Create or Refine your tagline

  6. Craft a new email opt-in freebie

  7. Write a how-to series of blog posts that link to each other and that you can turn into an opt-in freebie

  8. Re-optimize your blog posts with keywords

  9. Research (not copy) the competition and note what they are doing right

  10. Research the competition and note what they are doing wrong

  11. Create an auto responder

  12. Create an editorial calendar for your blog posts

The entire point about interior design marketing is to get your message out there about how you approach design and how it affects your clients. You and I both know that a beautiful room impacts clients in ways that sometimes have no words, but it touches their heart.

That's what you do every time you design a room from the heart to fit your client's life. Design without love would be shitty. And so would your marketing.

You are sharing your love of design and for your client's dreams when you create a marketing plan that is focused on your clients, and not around your services.