These Designers Will Fail At Interior Design Entrepreneurship


These types of interior designers will fail at interior design entrepreneurship.

If you read any of these and feel like they apply to you, you may want to rethink pursuing your dream of interior design entrepreneurship.

I wish I had a magic wand to turn everyone who wanted to be into a business owner of their interior design business into a successful one. The truth of the matter is that not everyone is meant to run their own interior design business. Sometimes you just got to get real honest with yourself.

The Chicken Little Designer

This designer is the one who sees changes in the design industry and assumes they are the obstacle to their success. The rant and try to educate other designers about how these things will make business so much harder. For instance when a new site pops up where a designer submits a complete design on the hope and wish that someone will buy it. If the client doesn't buy it, the designer earns nothing.

To that I say: who cares about those websites? I think if a Designer wants to use those websites to build their portfolio while they are starting out, it's their choice. Obviously it shouldn't be a long term strategy but it doesn't matter what those sites are doing, it doesn't hurt your own personal economy.

The Excuse Maker Designer

This designer has every excuse in the book for why success is avoiding them like the plague. It's because they are short, purple and hairy. It's because they don't have certain certifications. It's because they didn't go to a certain college or attain a certain degree. It's excuse after excuse.

You can make excuses or you can take action.

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful.-Eric Thomas

The Squirrel Designer

This designer sees all sorts of magic bullet solutions out there to fix what is wrong with her design business. There's a course over here, a seminar over there, a trade show over yonder. So many opportunities!

This designer must pick one thing, focus on it then master it. There are so many tools, applications and software you could choose to run your design business with, but if you don't really know what you're trying to achieve you're just a squirrel running around looking for solutions when you're not even sure of the real problem you're trying to solve.

The Delusional Designer

This designer thinks that slapping up a website, borrowing some copy from another designer and showing up makes for a successful business. After 8 seconds of time has passed and no clients are knocking they are flabbergasted at their lack of success.

Real success doesn't come overnight. In fact, it will take years but the delusional designer doesn't want to see the realities.

Some say I'm an overnight success. Well, that was a very long night that lasted about 10 years. -Lisa Morton

The Dollar Chasing Designer

This designer sees dollar signs in each and every client. They neglect to build a relationship with the client and wonder how they can squeeze another dime out of the client. Maybe they can steer them to a product where the designer can make an extra buck or two.

This designer will never have a meaningful or lasting practice following this method. Either their heart will grow or the gig will be up and word will spread about the Dollar Chasing Designer.

The Cheapest Designer On The Block

This designer doesn't mind charging bottom barrel fees in order to earn money. For them, they like doing the design work and working endless hours for little pay won't wear on them until they are about two years into the journey. By then they will have solidified themselves as the cheap designer and making a shift will be even harder because they've spent the past couple of years attracting cheap clients.

Try telling the cheapo audience you spent years cultivating that you've got a new direction that doesn't involve selling yourself for pennies. Let's just say you're going to be starting your business from scratch.

The Stop Sign Designer

This designer takes "no" for an answer and uses it as the reason not to try harder. After all, in their mind, what is the point? Life's shit and will never get better. Right?

The "I Don't Have The Resources" Designer

This designer doesn't have the money or the time to invest into their business. Let me be the first to tell you that starting an interior design business will require you to invest money and butt loads of time. They struggle to first make the money to invest and when they do make money instead of reinvesting it into developing their business. They take the profits and try to run the bootstrap business. Forevah.

You can't grow a business and be a bootstrapper for the rest of your life. You owe it to your clients and yourself to constantly invest in making your business better.

How Not To Fail At Interior Design Entrepreneurship

I firmly believe that when you start an interior design business based off who you are and what you want to do in this world that everything else falls into place. It's a matter of knowing what you want from this life and for your business.


The most successful interior designers have something in common. If they don't design, they'd die. Design comes so easily to them that they know it's their God-given talent. They know that interior design enhances peoples lives. They know that beautiful environments help people to create beautiful memories.

You need to get clear on what your immediate and most pressing problems are. The challenges that interior designer entrepreneurs are surmountable. The problem comes to you deciding is this too hard for you and if you want to overcome the challenges.

If you're ready to overcome the challenges, be ready to invest the time and money to make this dream come true. This is not an easy path, it's actually hard to do it, especially all alone.

The biggest factor to knowing if you will succeed comes down to your attitude and your actions.

If you don't think you can do this, operating your own interior design business may not be the right solution. The interior designers that I work with are badass. Badass in that they don't take "No" for an answer. They know they were born to design and doing anything else just won't do. They are the hardest working, motivated designers who are warriors. And fear isn't a factor.

If this sounds like you and you want to finally stop spinning your wheels, invest and make your business dreams come true, join the Society