Interior Design Client Process

Interior Design Client Process

The interior design client process can be so time-consuming. With all the back and forth that can go on, you may not have enough time to drink enough wine to recover. And we can't have that. Here's how I do it for my interior designer clients, but this process will work for your interior design clients, too.

New Client Interview Process:

  1. Client finds me and checks out my coaching package.

  2. Client reads through details and wants to explore working together.

  3. Client clicks a button that takes them to an application on my website.

  4. Client completes the application and is then directed to my Calendar to schedule an appointment.

  5. I review their application and decide if a convo is the next step. If so, then I confirm their appointment request in Calendar.

  6. My auto-message in my Calendar lets the client know to call me at a specific number once their appointment is confirmed.

  7. We chat.

  8. If we're a match, I accept their payment. We then move on to...

New Client Set-Up Process:


I use Trello to manage the project so we're on the same page. I've already set up a template for the project as my Six-Figure Design Empire has the same process, checklists, info each and every time.

There are 3 Lists used there: To Do, Complete, Working Files

For each client I simply fill in the correct links to their contract, and other documents specific to them where needed.

Having an interior design client process in place from prospect phase to client saves so much time. And that's why it's imperative to know what your design process looks like from the beginning to end.


Why This Interior Design Client Process Is Awesome

You save time, plain and simple. You don't have to worry about missing a step with each new prospective client. You're doing the same thing with each and every client and getting the information from them on the front end.

You can even include your Kick-Off packet (Get yours inside the Toolbox) and a link to your design questionnaire in your Trello board cards. Or better yet, set up an autoresponder on a new list (or campaign) after your receive payment on what the next steps will be and what to expect from you.

Alycia Wicker

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