Interior Design Career Advice You Can Take To The Bank


I've seen a sad trend and I've been guilty of it. What is it? Asking for interior design career advice in those free groups online. These groups can be great for making friends. I've met a bunch of wonderful friends online. 

I did operate a free group at one point last year, which I have closed. Mainly because of this HUGE problem I found.

There's so many interior designers looking for advice, but getting real actionable advice is hard. Think about it, you're in a group with a bunch of interior designers at a bunch of different levels of their careers. 

The more experienced designers are targeted and stalked for their sage wisdom. But they have a business to run and they can't be online everyday coaching people for free.

The newer and intermediate designers are hanging out in the free groups looking for some nugget of gold that they hope will take their business to the next level.

Sometimes there are givers sharing what they know who want to help. Sometimes they are sharing misinformation and not even aware that they are. Sometimes you'll find the person who only asks questions all.the.fucking.time and never gives feedback.

Finally, I decided I had to close my free group because there wasn't a whole lot of productivity going on and people don't value free. 

Here's my two cents when it comes to learning online.

Interior Design Career Advice Tip #1: Break Up With Your Free Groups

You simply cannot run a successful interior design business if you're occupying your time with a bunch of free groups. People love to go off on tangents, sometimes they like to get in arguments over dumb shit, and they can quickly eat up your time. 

Successful interior designers do not have time to be in free groups. They are busy living the life of their dreams.

Interior Design Career Advice Tip #2: Be Strategic About Where You Spend

I'm not saying all groups are bad, I'm just saying that these free groups are usually just places where people are shooting the shit, bitching about the latest eDesign platform that will "ruin" the industry or some a-hole client. You need to be strategic about where you spend your time and money.

Yes, venting is important, but I have seen designers who seem to be living in these free Facebook groups all day long. Which tells me that they aren't creating the massive success in their business that they deserve. Why?

Because they aren't ready to be strategic about their success. When you join a paid group, it shouldn't be loosey goosey. Only join a group that has a schedule, support and strategic advice you can use and stop sifting through the misinformation.

Interior Design Career Advice Tip #3: Be Selective

You get what you pay for, right? That's why it is so important for you to join a paid group where you can get advice and support that you need to move forward. Not all communities are the same.

  • Not all groups are created equal. Each has its own vibe and slant - i.e. some are snooty and some are chill.

  • Make sure the mentor of the group is someone you can relate to and respect. (And do some research to see if they walk their talk.)

  • Not all paid courses are the same value (i.e. sometimes these paid courses are just extended ads for another product or service - sad but sometimes true).

When I closed my free group, it was when the Society really started to take off as a monthly interior design business coaching group. I couldn't be spending my time giving away free advice anymore (and it wasn't fair to paying members of the Designers Club). I had to help the people who were invested in succeeding. And I'm invested in them.

Because I'm firmly invested in helping the right people who truly want to succeed. I'm not interested in helping designers who just ask questions but never take action. I'm not interested in helping designers who don't think they can actually they will ever be successful.

I work with designers who know that success is theirs for the taking. And they will do what it takes to get it.

Stop blowing smoke up your own ass if you really want to succeed

The bottom line is you want a design business that makes you more money. I’m here to help you do that by helping you kick ass online. I will show you what you need to do to grow your business every year with the exact strategies I use to grow my own business.

That's why I want to invite you to check out the Society if you're finally ready to get serious about success. I’ve been working hard to make sure that this will be the best money you’ll ever invest in your design business.